Jun 15 • 1HR 27M

Truth and Consequences

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Chris Stirewalt, America’s favorite rodeo expert, is back on the Remnant to provide an inside view of the January 6 hearings. He and Jonah explore how the hearings have played out so far and what we can expect the outcome to be, occasionally stopping for a few strange existential digressions. Will the hearings influence the midterms? What happened on election night when Fox decided to call Arizona? And how well does Chris know his Hume from his Haidt?

Show Notes:

- Chris’ page at The Dispatch

- Chris: “The January 6 Committee and Me”

- Chris: “Trump’s Faction of One”

- The Hangover with Steve Kornacki

- Greta Van Awful

- Jonah: “This Was Always the Plan”

- Charles Krauthammer: “Bungled Collusion is Still Collusion”

- The Remnant 500th episode extravaganza

- Jonah: “The Parliamentary-Election Problem”

- Jonah: “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jan. 6 Committee”

- Tim Miller on team normal

- Earth’s greatest tweet