Jul 21 • 1HR 17M

Worked Up

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AEI Senior Fellow Brent Orrell joins the Remnant for a cheerfully wonky exploration of the modern workplace. With institutions and communities collapsing, Americans are increasingly looking to work as their main source of fulfillment, but is this a healthy development? For that matter, how does immigration alter the workforce? Will artificial intelligence have a positive or negative effect on the American economy? And what should we make of the “Great Resignation?”

Show Notes:

- Brent’s page at AEI

- Brent’s podcast, Hardly Working

- Arthur Brooks on earned success

- Brent: “The Great Resignation Shows It’s Time to Rethink Worker Dignity”

- Brent’s “Dignity at Work” report

- Brent: “How AI Is Being Transformed by ‘Foundation Models’”

- The Remnant with Jim Pethokoukis