The Stanford Squeeze

By now you’ve probably heard about Judge Duncan’s bad day at Stanford Law School. No worries if not, because this Marvel-length special episode will leave no question unanswered. To complete the autopsy, Sarah and David are joined by Original Jurisdiction’s David Lat and the man of the dark hour himself, Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan. They discuss the Stanford standoff and the ongoing trend of student disruptions, the response from Stanford administrators, whether shouting down speakers is a form of speech, how the judge responded to the students and whether he thinks federal judges should boycott the school, and more. Prepare yourself for a two-hour marathon that will leave you wondering, was the juice worth the squeeze?

Show Notes:

-Watch: Judge Kyle Duncan Speaks Out on The Dispatch Podcasts YouTube Channel

-David Lat: Yale law is no longer #1 for free speech debacles

-Ed Whelan on Stanford Law (includes video)

-David Lat on ideological diversity in law firms

-David Lat’s follow-up piece

-Article: Stanford Tells Federalist Society Students To ‘Reach Out’ to Diversity Dean Who Encouraged Disruption of Their Event—and To Shut Up on Twitter

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