Friday Brief for 11 February 2022

News Corp. gets hacked; Defense contractors struggle with cybersecurity standards; and Skydio wins Army's drone contract

Friday Brief for 4 February 2022

Tech Terms Transformer — A transformer is a deep learning model that adopts the mechanism ...

Friday Brief for 28 January 2022

China's Olympics app is pure spyware; Preparing for cyber spillover; & Simulating tomorrow's reality

Friday Brief for 21 January 2022

Russia's ransomware roundup; Alibaba in the dock; and Distrust is our default

Friday Brief for 14 January 2022

Coercing Russia with tech; Kazakhstan's crypto collapse; & Cybersecurity nutrition labels

Cyber at the Center of Power

A Kitchen Sync Conversation with David Sanger

Friday Brief for 7 January 2022

Putin's cyber plans for Ukraine; Hacking-for-hire business is booming; & Beijing targets the algorithms

Friday Brief for 17 December 2021

What you need to know about Log4j; The U.K.'s new cyber strategy; and Chinese tech is in the crosshairs

Should We Have “Expert” Twitter?

A Kitchen Sync Conversation with Dr. Yuval Levin

Friday Brief for 10 December 2021

What I saw in CA; Stuff I hope we're doing; & Google and Microsoft get offensive

Friday Brief for 3 December 2021

Space heats up; Cyber spillover in the Middle East; & "C" speaks out

Friday Brief for 26 November 2021

We're not prepared; DOJ spending stolen bitcoin; & NK hackers target Chinese researchers

Two Swamp Creatures Walk Into a Bar

A Kitchen Sync Conversation with Dr. Michael Strain

Friday Brief for 19 November 2021

American AI is getting PLAed; Hackers target Apple users in Hong Kong; and Google goes on defense

Friday Brief for 12 November 2021

The metaverse gets Seoul; Israel's new FaceRec tech; & the Air Force wants a new AI

Friday Brief for 5 November 2021

NSO Gets Booted; AI Countermeasures; and Gamifying War