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Tim Miller: Democrats Should Stop Gaslighting Us
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Tim Miller: Democrats Should Stop Gaslighting Us

It wasn’t just a ‘bad night.’

Steve is joined by The Bulwark‘s Tim Miller to briefly rehash their disagreement from March and discuss the backlash Miller has received since calling for Biden to step down.

The Agenda:
—Not interested in circling the wagon
—The spin isn’t working
The American People Should Demand Better
—Trump and Biden are “categorically” different
—Biden’s “MAGA” response
—Who would Tim pick instead of Biden?
—Credibility in opinion journalism

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Steve Hayes is CEO and editor of The Dispatch, based in Annapolis, Maryland. Prior to co-founding the company in 2019, he worked at The Weekly Standard for 18 years, covering Washington, politics, and national security. Steve is the author of two New York Times bestsellers. He also worked as a contributor at CNN and Fox News, and currently serves as a political analyst at NBC News. When Steve is not focused on The Dispatch, he’s probably traveling with his family, grilling, or riding his mountain bike.