Back to the Sewer

Jonah’s sailed the seas and seen the world over, but everything always draws him back to good ol’ New York, New York. Still, although today’s Ruminant ends with a discussion of the Big Apple’s terrifying floods (which may or may not have dealt a blow to the local rodent population), it also covers the Supreme Court’s controversial abortion ruling, the pervasive myth that big corporations are right-wing, and “closet normals” in the GOP who pretend to hold crazy views. With shameless book-plugging, Jonah also digs into how the definitions of left and right in politics have changed over time. If you’re a loyal listener, stick around until the end for a proposition you won’t be able to refuse. 

Show Notes:

David French breaks down the Texas abortion ruling

Jonah’s previous ruminations on abortion

Virginia’s late-term abortion bill

Advisory Opinions takes a deep dive into abortion law

Matt Continetti on the politics of abortion

A disappointing August jobs report

Richard Holbrooke’s damning diary

The latest Dispatch Podcast on Afghanistan

The Dispatch’s Afghanistan editorial

The Remnant with Graeme Wood

“Come home. America”

Gabriel Kolko

The Big Ripoff, by Tim Carney

The pandemic’s effect on women in the workforce

Ron Johnson says the quiet part loud

Leatherhead’s revenge

Someone call the Shredder

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