Day of the Tentacles

On the mend from a hectic book tour, the ever-reliable Chris Stirewalt returns to the Remnant for some old fashioned rank punditry on partisanship, the midterms, and America’s changing demographics. After discussing the Herschel Walker situation, MAGA’s hatred of Mitch McConnell, and the allure of strange aspects of Japanese culture, Chris and Jonah answer some of the most pressing questions of the moment. Will the Dobbs decision have much influence on the midterms? Is there anything good about primaries? And why can’t politicians talk about how great it is to be alive right now?

Show Notes:

Chris’ page at The Dispatch

Chris’ new book, Broken News

GLoP enters the Uberverse

GLoP does cornhole

Herschel Walker’s bad night

Nick Catoggio: “Forget the Polls. Let’s Talk About Vibes.”

Sean Trende: “Setting Expectations for the House in 2022 Midterms”

The Remnant with Ruy Teixeira

The Remnant with Elaine Kamarck

David Frum: “If Liberals Won’t Enforce Borders, Fascists Will”

Dexter Filkins profiles Ron DeSantis

David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon College commencement speech

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