Generation Flex

By popular demand, psychologist and author Jean Twenge joins the Remnant today to affirm Jonah’s status as America’s most arrogant Gen Xer. Dr. Twenge’s recent work has focused on generational differences, the challenges facing Generation Z, and how generational changes are influenced by developments in technology. All of these subjects and more are examined throughout, and many disturbing questions are answered: Why are Gen Zers living life at such a slow pace? What’s the real link between pornography and America’s sex recession? What determines generational happiness? And can anything shatter Jonah’s ‘70s-bred ego?

Show Notes:

Dr. Twenge’s webpage

Dr. Twenge’s latest book, Generations: The Real Differences Between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents―and What They Mean for America’s Future

The Dispatch reviews Dr. Twenge’s latest book

The Remnant with Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff

William Strauss and Neil Howe’s Generations

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