Sitemap - 2020 - The Dispatch

A Non-Populist Case for Brexit

Why Is It Taking So Long to Administer COVID Vaccinations?

A New Southern Manifesto

The EU Shouldn’t Rush Into a Comprehensive Trade Deal With China

Should Those Who Served the Trump Administration Reluctantly Now Feel Remorse?

When ‘Listen to the Science’ Is Just a Shield for Bad Policy Ideas

On Its 80th Anniversary, The Philadelphia Story Offers a Timeless Lesson

The GOP Hoped to Avoid This Fight With Trump. It's Here.

How the New COVID-19 Strain Could Save a U.K.-EU Trade Deal

A Return to Reaganism for the GOP? Unlikely.

Why We Shouldn’t Abandon the Consumer Welfare Standard

Joe Biden Discovers Russia

Self-Delusion on the Russia Hack

Trump Imposed Sanctions on Turkey. What Will It Accomplish?

China Is a Problem. But We Don't Need a New Cold War.

Calling People 'Selfish' Is Undermining Our Pandemic Response

Democrats Grapple With Slim House Majority

Begun, the GOP Civil War Has

Altered States: The World Biden’s National Security Team Will Inherit

Three Cheers for Globalism

COVID-19 and the Failure of Swedish Exceptionalism

Trump's Naval Plan Came Too Late. That's Too Bad.

The Path Back From Conspiracy

2020 Has Been Bad, But Is It Worse Than the 1930s?

The Galling Hypocrisy of Texas AG Ken Paxton

Nothing of the Sort

Analyzing Trump's Legal Challenges

Will Allies Follow U.S Lead On Uighur Sanctions?

Will Joe Biden Be Able to Stand Up to Extremism?

Why Trumpism Is Unlikely to Endure

Bitcoin Is Back and Booming. Will the Rally Last?

Police Violence—and an Unpopular New Bill—Spark French Protests

Video: Dispatch Live for December 8

On Foreign Policy, Trump Created Opportunities for Biden

No, Democrats Didn’t ‘Lose’ the Election

What’s Next for Chris Sununu?

The Oxford Vaccine’s True Efficacy Remains Uncertain

Highlights from What's Next: Election 2020 and Beyond

Release the Kraken: Dispatch Live Is Back

Dispatch Live Is Back Tonight

FDA Career Staff Are Delaying the Vaccine As Thousands of Americans Die

Conspiracy Theories Are Incompatible With Conservatism

‘Win the Argument, and Then You Can Win the Vote’

When the Radical Right Comes for Your Culture

The GOP Has a Mess on Its Hands

Bruce Herschensohn, RIP

The End of Arab Nationalism

How Women Led the Way as the GOP Made Gains in the House

The Conservative Future Requires Optimism and Confidence

Biden Should Heed the Concern of Israel and Arab Nations Regarding Iran

Too Many Republicans Use Conservatism as a Tool

A Throwback to the McCarthy Era

Finding Reasons to be Grateful in a Year Like No Other

Giving the People What They Want

The Georgia Dilemma

The Oddest Sort of Progressivism

Biden Has an Opportunity to Improve Trade With Europe

Trumpism Is More About Culture Than Economics

The Problem Isn’t How We Elect Presidents. It’s How We Select Candidates.

What Policies Are Really in the Interests of the Working Class?

Forgiving Student Loan Debt Is Bad Policy—and Bad Politics

What Makes the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines So Promising

Trump Made People Feel Brave Again

The Origins of the Term ‘Woke’ Had Nothing to Do With Today’s Identity Politics Wars

Donald Trump Will Never Stop Fighting—For Himself

Why the Biden Administration Should Pursue a Trade Deal with the U.K.

A Day at the Million MAGA March

Meet the Man Who Was Our First Multiracial Vice President

Democrats Need Joe Manchin More Than They Need AOC

Will Biden Waste an Opportunity to Steer Saudi Arabia in the Right Direction?

Kabul Violence Highlights Failure of Afghan Peace Process

How Trumpism Fractured the GOP

Why Biden Outperformed Dems While Trump Fared Worse Than the GOP

Teachers Unions Have Kept Schools Closed. Now They Want More Money?

California Voters Show an Independent Streak

The Biden Agenda: What the Next Four Years Might Look Like

Is Iran Sending Weapons to Venezuela? And How Is the U.S. Responding?

Trump Said the Election Was About Him. Voters Agreed.

Wisconsin Republicans Might Have Outperformed Trump. But Will It Last?

The Man Behind the Fox News Decision Desk

Let’s Take a Deep Breath, and a Step Back

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Why It Appears California Will Reject a Proposition to Bring Back Affirmative Action

Can Democrats Win a Senate Seat in … Kansas?

Which Steve Will Win Montana’s Tight Senate Race: Daines or Bullock?

Election Night Dispatch Live

The Biden Agenda: What Would Biden Do about Poverty?

Will the Vote Be Legitimate?

Despite Everything, It’s a Great Time to Be Alive

Donald Trump Turned Me into a Mugwump

The Biden Agenda: Eyes on Iran

America’s Center Needs to Make Itself Heard

We Could Know Soon How Effective the Potential COVID Vaccines Are

Is the Pro-Life Movement on a Collision Course with the Coronavirus?

It’s a Mistake for the GOP to Shun Big Cities

Nigerian Protests Call Attention to a Culture of Corruption and Abuse

Could Control of the Senate Come Down to North Carolina?

The 1619 Project: An Autopsy

Amy Coney Barrett and the Virtue of Self-Government

The Strange Case of Guo Wengui

Could We Lose the Progress We’ve Made in the Middle East?

How to Treat the Hunter Biden Story

Video: Final Debate Wrap-up

Conservatives Have Lost Sight of American Aspiration

Of Course the Declaration Is Law

Liberal Anxiety Over a 2016 Repeat May Be Why We Won't Have One

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Our Unequal Recovery

How Trump Is Helping Biden With Young Voters

The Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Family Must Be Forcefully Rejected

ICE’s Sanctuary City Crackdown Is Likely to Be Both Ineffective and Costly

The Left Is Twisting the Meaning of ‘Originalism’

A Conversation With Ron Howard and J.D. Vance

Our Elected Officials Are a Threat to Civic Knowledge

An Old-Fashioned, Conservative Reason Biden Could Win

How Biden Could Have Avoided His Court-Packing Gaffe

On Pre-Existing Conditions, Trump’s Words Have Differed From His Actions

Andrew Cuomo's Dismal Spin Job

The GOP Isn't Too Popular. Guess What? Neither Are Democrats.

No, Amy Coney Barrett Is Not ‘Anti-Worker’

First Xinjiang, Now Tibet

A Long-Forgotten J.D. Salinger Short Story Deserves a Fresh Look

‘The Right Stuff’ Fails to Live Up to the Legacy of the Works That Came Before

Final Call: Our 30-Day Free Trial Ends Today

Thoughts on the Meaning of ‘Democracy’

Pence Was Right. Now Is Not the Time to Raise Taxes.

Final Call: Our 30-Day Free Trial Ends Tomorrow

The Pandemic Is Forcing Women Out of the Workforce. There’s a Way to Fix That.

Video: Post-Debate Dispatch Live

Donald Trump’s Bespoke Reality

California Just Passed Common-Sense Criminal Justice Reforms. Really.

Loving Our Trees to Death

On the Water With Boaters for Trump

The U.S. Should Not Let Iraqi Prime Minister Kadhimi Fail

Tonight: Post-Debate Dispatch Live Is Back

Trump’s Illness Exposes Weakness In Our Continuity-of-Government Provisions

Trump Hospitalized to Receive COVID Treatment

Our Polarization Doesn’t Have to be Permanent

Fan Service Is Not Serving Trump Well

Partisans Are Trying to Have It Both Ways on Populism. That’s a Problem.

Even if Trump Loses, Some Things Have Changed For Good

It’s Beyond Time to Reform the U.N. Human Rights Council

Trump's Tax Returns Show Simply That He’s a Lousy Businessman

Video: Dispatch Live Post-Debate Edition

Where Do NeverTrump Voters Stand Four Years Later?

What We Can Learn From Maine’s Move to Ranked-Choice Voting

Our Best Work From a Week That Tested Us

Dispatch Live: Post-Debate Edition

Voters Are Worried About Election Security. Tribalism Is Making It Worse.

The NYT Should Explain Its Stealth Edits to the 1619 Project

The Biden Agenda: What Could Be Ahead for Higher Education

Video: Dispatch Live for September 23

How the SCOTUS Nomination Process Could Play Out in the Senate

How the CDC Flubbed Its Messaging on COVID Transmission

The GOP Missed Its Chance for a SCOTUS Compromise

Vote on President Trump’s Nomination, Senators—the Sooner the Better

How Hezbollah Collaborates With Latin American Drug Cartels

Development and Taxation Threaten the Last Remaining Gullah Community

Where Do the Palestinians Go From Here?

Tonight: David French and Sarah Isgur Convene a Special Edition of Dispatch Live

Dispatch Live for September 23

Can We Avoid the Double Whammy of Flu Season Amid COVID?

The Middle East Deals Are Good. Just Give Trump His Due.

A Generation at Risk

To Even Debate Immigration, We Must Use the Right Language

Trump vs. Redfield and the Dangers of Poor Public Messaging

The Biden Agenda: Would He Stand Up to Dictators?

Climate Change or Forest Management? Both Are to Blame.

The End of ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ Regarding Taiwan

The Electoral College Is Not the Problem

Video: Dispatch Live for September 15

Tonight's Dispatch Live Starts Soon

The Biden Agenda: Let’s Talk About the Courts, Congress, and Abortion

What Makes People Fall for QAnon?

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The Progressive Mismangement of America's Cities

The Biden Agenda: What Will K-12 Education Look Like?

What If Hispanics Turned Out for Trump?

Why the U.K. and the European Union are Fighting About Northern Ireland

Tonight: Let's Get Ready To Rumble

The Biden Agenda: What He Might Do for Working Families

The Sad Realities of Virtual Learning

Trump Is a Magnet Next to Our Political Compass

Why Did the DIA Invite a Left-Wing Activist to Give a Lecture?

The Biden Agenda: Why ‘Outside-In’ Diplomacy Could Be the Key to Middle East Peace

Let's Stop Shaming the Suburbs

Should We Really Expect Democrats to Promote Democracy Better Than Trump?

Tenet: Nolan’s Masterful Take on Time Travel

Why the U.S. Is Hosting a Summit With Kosovo and Serbia

The Inanity of The Defense of Looting

Can Emmanuel Macron Fix Lebanon?

Joe Biden Has an $11 Trillion Spending Plan. Can He Enact It?

Speaker Threatened Retribution at Weekend Rally in Kenosha

What the CDC Means By Describing COVID As the 'Only Cause' of 6 Percent of Patient Deaths

Why Biden Must Resist the Left's Mob Mentality

Relative Quiet as Trump Visits Kenosha

When Kenosha Burned

To the Far Right and Back Again

A Different Question About Our COVID Testing Regime

‘Varsity Blues’ Was a Perfect Storm of Desperation and Corruption

The Horror of Racism

Experts Question CDC's New COVID Testing Guidance

Conventions in Name Only

2020 Will Be the Youth Election. No, Really.

The Biden Agenda: Can Joe Walk a Fine Line on Climate Change?

Meet the Man Who Thinks He Can Help Lure Black Voters to Trump

Did Trump Officials Commit Violations of the Hatch Act during the RNC? An Explainer.

California Looking at Weekslong Fight Against Wildfires

Scenes From a Night of Rioting in Madison

About Those Bush-Dukakis Comparisons ...

The Coming Wave of Disinformation

What Donald Trump Could Learn From South Park

The Latest in the Global Race for a COVID Vaccine

One President at a Time

The Pandemic’s Day Trading Frenzy

Progressives Have a 'Trickle Down' Problem

Can 'The Quad' Work Together to Contain Chinese Aggression?

An ER Doc on the Latest COVID-19 Treatment Protocols

How Far Have We Come In Treating COVID-19?

Here We Go With Birtherism 2.0

The Biden Agenda: What Would a Biden Administration Do on Trade?

What Frederick DeBoer Gets Wrong About Charter Schools

How Women Have Shaped Politics Over the Last Century

Will Grievance Culture Win Back Suburban Voters?

What Trump Doesn't Get About the Suburbs

Marjorie Greene Is Already Causing Problems for the GOP

An Historic Agreement. Will More Follow?

How the WHO Can Earn Back U.S. Support

We Can Finally Stop Pretending Trump Isn’t a Protectionist

How the International Community Can Help the People of Belarus

The Real Threat From TikTok Has to Do With Its Algorithm

Xi Jinping Tries to Send a Message With Arrest of Jimmy Lai

Port Explosion Exposes Corruption and Incompetence of Lebanon's Leadership

How Much Can Trump Really Do With His COVID Executive Actions?

How Biden Could Usher in an Aggressive Health Care Policy

Here's Why Americans Don't Trust the Media

Explainer: Why Is the GOP Fighting Universal Mail-In-Voting So Hard?

What Doctors Learn About Their Patients From the Cognitive Test That Trump ‘Aced’

Could Europe’s Last Dictatorship Be on Its Way Out?

Senate Republicans Sidelined in COVID Relief Negotiations

Should We Be Worried About the Coronavirus Mutating?

Trump Could Help Making Voting by Mail Easier. Why Won't He?

Explaining the Plight of China's Uighurs

An Artful Dodge

The Alt-Right’s Last Gasps

Black and white and Read All Over

Are Teachers Unions Overplaying Their Hands?

Four Reasons Trump’s Election Tweet Was a Bad Idea

Why America First Is Bunk

Donald Trump Stole Their Republican Party. They Want to Take It Back.

The Attack on Liz Cheney Is Not an Act of Confident Men

What’s Missing From Senate GOP Plan

Are Silent Trump Voters Real, or Just a Myth?

We Don’t Have to Politicize Every Aspect of the Pandemic

T-Minus 99 Days and Counting ...

Here's One Way to Do School—For Everyone—This Fall

What's Motivating Swimmer Anthony Ervin With the Olympic Games on Hold

Would Biden’s Foreign Policy Really Be Much Different From Trump’s?

Inanity Abounds on Both Sides in the ‘Law and Order’ Road Show

Dispatch Live for July 23

Democrats Seek to Honor John Lewis With Voting Rights Reform Push

Is Trump’s ‘Back to Work Bonus’ a Good Idea?

A Preview of the Coming GOP Crackup?

Is It Really Wise for Trump to Question Biden's Mental Fitness?

Meet the Young Conservatives Pushing Market-Based Climate Solutions

Dispatch Live Is Back July 23

July 2 Edition of Dispatch Live

What, Exactly, Is Going On in Portland?

Do Campaigns Matter?

Social Bonds are Fraying Fast in America’s Cities

We’re Learning More About How COVID Spreads. What You Need to Know Now.

Explainer: What’s Behind a Rash of Fires and Explosions in Iran?

When Bigotry Comes From Unexpected Places

The American Economy Is About to Drive Off a Cliff. Will Congress Build a Bridge?

Why America Should Offer Refuge to Those Who Flee Hong Kong

Roger Stone's Real Victory

It’s the Roberts Court Now

Fact Checker

The Divergent Fortunes of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx

COVID-19 and American Identity

'Cancel Culture' Isn't New. And It's Not Going Away.

The Nightmare Scenario Facing International College Students

Season 2 of ‘The Politician’ Tries to Out-Satire Our Political Reality

Remembering the Crimes of Roger Stone

The GOP’s Conspiracy Theorist Problem

The Spike in COVID Cases Is Straining Our Testing Capacity

The Supreme Court Ruling That Beat Back the Administrative State

No, College Kids Aren’t All Reckless or Selfish

The President, Patriotism, and the Culture Wars

Why Are Some Conservatives Rooting for the GOP to Lose the Senate?

What the Espinoza Decision Means for Other Aspects of Religious Freedom

Dysfunction All-Around: The Intel Community’s Russian Bounty Memo

Between War and Capitulation

Parler, Section 230, and the Future of the Internet

China’s Crackdown on Hong Kong Is About Intimidation

What If, Just This Once, We Had Mandatory Voting?

New Hope for Civil Forfeiture Reform

Tim Scott Didn’t Ask For This

Would the GOP Throw Trump Overboard?

Pssst... Dispatch Live Is Back This Thursday

Were the St. Louis Homeowners Just ‘Standing Their Ground’?

Why ‘Social Justice’ Jerseys Are a Bad Idea for the NBA

How Conservatives Should Respond to the Great Awokening

The New York Times Tries to Rewrite Very Recent History

Trump’s China Trade Deal Was Designed to Fail

Trump Must Decide Whether He’s Campaigning Against ‘Sleepy Joe’ or ‘Dangerous Joe’

The Pandemic Exposed Deep Problems in the Meat Industry

We're Fighting Coronavirus With Our Biggest Weapons Off the Table

Why Is Jeff Sessions Humiliating Himself?

Why China Is Targeting Australia With Sanctions—and Insults

Jonah Goes Live With Chris Wallace

Dispatch Live on Vimeo

The Real Power of Bolton’s Memoir

Reopening Schools Isn’t Risk-Free. Neither is Keeping Them Closed.

Bolton’s Legal Victory Was Actually a Setback for Free Speech

The Origins of ‘Defund the Police’

Police Reform Won’t Happen Overnight

The Problem With Claiming That Policing Evolved From Slave Patrols

Unfinished Business

Get Ready for the Economic Roller Coaster

Would We Be Better Off With a President Pence Right Now?

Will 2020 Be a Realignment Election?

Two Years After Singapore, the North Korea Threat Remains

How Madison Lost Control of Its Protests

A Victory for Free Speech at the IRS

What Is Antifa?

The Strength in American Self-Improvement

Panic in the Streets, a Film Noir About … Contact Tracing

Will the 2020 Election Hinge on Empathy?

Whitmer Cited 'Science' for Her COVID Lockdown Measures, Until She Didn't

Liberals Want 'Defund the Police' to Mean 'Reform.' It Doesn't.

For Trump Superfans, Huge Rallies Can't Resume Soon Enough

The Difficult Choices Educators Face Between Now and Fall

China’s Fishing Fleet Is A Growing Security Threat

What the Prosecution of Chauvin’s Fellow Officers Could Look Like

The Left’s Strange New Respect for Mitt Romney

A Bad Game of Telephone at the World Health Organization

Make the Free World Free Again

The Many Contradictions of Mark Levine

The Problems of the Meat Processing Industry Will Linger After the Pandemic

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Abolish Qualified Immunity

About Last Night...

We're About to Learn a Lot About Just How Contagious Coronavirus Is

It's Not 1968, and Trump Isn't Nixon

Dispatch Live is Tonight!

Ben’s Chili Bowl Founder on Civil Unrest—In 1968 and Today

Explaining the New Second Degree Murder Charge Against Derek Chauvin

Why K-12 Remote Learning Might Actually Be Worse This Fall

Why Withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty Is No Big Deal

The Hollow Hypocrisy of China Calling Out the United States

Why Trump Can Invoke the Insurrection Act

Dispatch Live Is Back This Thursday

Derek Chauvin’s Actions Were Cruel. But a Conviction Won’t Come Easily.

What My Family Saw at the Nashville ‘I Will Breathe’ Rally

Section 230: Donald Trump vs. Twitter

When the Law Doesn’t Contain All the Answers

The Twitter Debate Is Stuck on Stupid

What Will Our Economic Recovery Look Like?

No, We Shouldn’t Cancel Our Debt With China

Careers at The Dispatch 

The COVID Nursing Home Crisis Was 50 Years in the Making

Why Joe Biden Needs a Boring Running Mate

The Pandemic Has Exposed a Need for Better Paid Leave Policies

Eliminating the ACT and SAT Won’t Fix What’s Wrong With Education

Hawkishness Toward China Is Fine. But It’s Not a Policy.

The Sharp Contrast Between the Biden and Trump Online Campaigns

A Fundamental Flub From The CDC

Dispatch Live Starts in 5, 4, 3, 2…

What Can the GOP Get Done With Its New China Task Force?

Some Private Schools Are Struggling, Too. Let’s Not Forget Them. 

It's Time the Markets Offload Rogue Foreign Companies

What If College Students Simply Don't Return in the Fall?

How Conservative Nationalists Missed Their Moment

Ready, Set, Go

Republicans Should Be Playing Offense on Economic Relief

A Guide To the 10 Biggest Supreme Court Cases of This Term

A Glossary of Important SCOTUS Terminology

Executive Editor

A Doctor's Diary From a COVID ICU

The Democrats’ HEROES Act Could Extend Our Economic Distress

The Pandemic Is Going to Shake Up Higher Education

This Is Not The Great Depression … Yet

On Winners and Losers and Who Writes the History

Is NATO Preparing for a New Mission in Africa?

In the Age of Coronavirus, Whom Can You Trust?

A Doctor Explains How Coronavirus Therapies Work and What They Do

It’s Time to Shore Up the Labor Market

Calling All Members

On the 75th Anniversary of V-E Day, WWII Veterans Are Stuck in Isolation

Idiocy Unmasked

Lebanon on the Brink

Dispatch Live Is Tonight

A Vigilante Killing in Georgia

Is the Gender Gap Overtaking Race as a Predictor of Voting Behavior?

Dispatch Live is Thursday

Fact Check on 'Introducing The Dispatch Live'

The White House Is Trying to Have It Both Ways on China

What We Lose With Jury Trials on Hold

Introducing The Dispatch Live

What If We Tried a Real Quarantine?

The Staggering Cost of the Pandemic Goes Beyond Economic Relief Bills

‘Flattening the Curve’ Was Only the First Step

The Supreme Court Can Strike a Blow Against Compelled Speech

Iran Is Airlifting Supplies to Venezuela. The Trump Administration Should Move to Block It.

It's Time for Joe Biden to Address the Tara Reade Allegations

Our Other Looming Health Care Disaster

What We Know—and Still Need to Learn—About Coronavirus and Nicotine

As States Allow Businesses to Reopen, Who Is Liable When People Get Sick?

Justin Amash Made His Decision

A Note from The Dispatch

Americans Are Not as Divided About the Pandemic as It Seems

Trump vs. Trump

GLoP Culture Livestream Sunday Night!

The U.K. Is Souring on Huawei. What Comes Next?

The Latest Polls Bear Bad News for Trump

No One Is a Spectator to This Pandemic

Some Georgia Businesses Can Reopen. But Will They?

Cataclysmic Feelings

While Hogan Leads on COVID Testing, Trump Stews

The Downside of Defunding the World Health Organization

No, Americans Aren’t ‘Afraid’ of Coronavirus

How States Can Make Voting by Mail Easier and Avoid Election Chaos

Suspending WHO Funding Should Be Just the Beginning

Congress Must Be Ready For Election Uncertainty

Amash Looking Closely at a Presidential Bid

An Accidental New New Deal?

How This Pandemic Proves the Wisdom of the Founders

Iran vs. Trump: Suleimani's Legacy, and Khamenei's Ambitions

It’s Time for a New World Order

The Islamic Revolution vs. Donald Trump

The Inspectors General Problem

The Man Who Cried Wolf

Central Planning Hasn't Flattened the Curve. People Have.

How ‘Corona Apps’ Threaten Our Privacy

Who’s Up for a Little Voluntary Price Gouging?

The Unique Challenges That Coronavirus Presents to the Homeless

What Voting Was Like in The Last Pandemic

Add the Roosevelt Crisis to the Cautionary Tales from Trump’s Presidency

Why This Passover Will be Different From All Other Passovers

'Supercharged' Unemployment Insurance and Working Through a Pandemic

How the U.S. Can Rein in the World Health Organization

America Is Still Too Far Behind on Testing

How Misinformation About the U.S. Needing ‘1 Million Ventilators’ Spread

Stop Blaming Impeachment for Trump’s Coronavirus Response

The Other Epidemic

Why State and Local Governments Are So Vital to Our Coronavirus Response

There Is No Reason to Believe China Is Reporting Its Coronavirus Cases Accurately

The China Problem Extends Well Beyond Coronavirus

I Flew Back to the U.S. From France. I Was Never Tested for Coronavirus.

We Still Need Oral Arguments at Supreme Court

Would It Be Better to Let Airlines File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

A Movie Streamer’s Guide to Political Literacy

Membership Has Its Privileges

Pandemics Are a Terrible Time for a Frivolous Spending Spree

A History Lesson on Ramping Up Production of Critical Goods

Here’s One Way to Provide Small Businesses a Fresh Start

How the Intelligence Community Predicted COVID-19

Hungary Is on the Brink of Institutional Authoritarianism

Amid Coronavirus, What Are the Risks to Vapers?

The Delicate Balance Between Our Health and Our Livelihoods

Sorry, Now Is Not the Time to Lift Sanctions on Iran

We Don’t Have to Cancel the Whole School Year. Yet.

Timeline: The Regulations—and Regulators—That Delayed Coronavirus Testing

We’re Too Dependent on China for Too Many Critical Goods. Especially Medicine.

China Is Waging a Very Effective Propaganda War

Any Stimulus Plan Must Help Small Businesses Who Help Their Employees

Coronavirus Threatens European Unity

Bernie Sanders and the Rise of Woke Marxism

The Police Power of the States to Control a Pandemic, Explained

Can COVID-19 Help Us Overcome Our Polarization?

Why Is the Democratic Party Even Having Another Debate?

How Dictatorships Make Pandemics Worse

Fighting Over What to Call Coronavirus Is a Silly Waste of Time

Trump Has a Chance to Unite Americans on Coronavirus

How Bernie’s 2020 Struggles Can Be Explained by 2016

Is It Time for a Stimulus Package?

On Coronavirus, Can Trump Tell Us What We Need to Hear?

The Math Doesn't Work: Utopian Progressive Tax Plans Don't Add Up

State Department Counterterrorism Conference Contradicts Pompeo Assurances on al-Qaeda

No One—No One!—Is Staging a ‘Coup’

A Dispiriting Day for the Pro-Life Movement at the Supreme Court

The House GOP Wants to Win Back the Suburbs

Autopsy of an Impeachment

Where Do You Go If CPAC Isn't Trumpy Enough For You?

Anti-Trump Conservatives: Forgotten But Not Gone

An Exit Deal, Not a Peace Deal

Why 2020 Could End Up as a Race Between Very Different New Yorkers

It’s Constitutionally Impossible and Legally Imprudent to Ban Porn

What Bernie Sanders Gets Wrong About Authoritarianism

Idlib Is a Disaster. Where Is the West?

Who Are the Real Trade 'Fundamentalists'?

Bellamy’s Children

Higher Ed Reform? Let's Not Forget About Research.

Can Democrats Win Back the Senate in 2020?

Bernie Sanders Once Defended Daniel Ortega's Crackdown on Nicaraguan Citizens

A Thank You and an Update for Our Members

Will Hurd Isn’t Going Anywhere

Why Would Putin Favor Trump Over Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sees Only What He Wants to See. That's a Problem.

The Incredible Shrinking Political Party

Do the Debates Even Matter for Bloomberg?

How to Fight China’s Oppression of Its Own People? Boycott the 2022 Olympics.

A Big, Beautiful Wall—And the Military Will Pay for It

The Architecture of Owning the Libs

Think Local. Act Locally.

Should Attorney General Barr Resign?

Why We Need More Doggone Parks

Polling Is a Tricky Business. Reading the Results Doesn’t Have to Be.

The Democrats Have Gotten More Ideological. That Might Be a Losing Strategy.

How to Rein in China? The Middle East Offers Clues.

A Wisconsin Question: Which Flavor of Trump?

William Barr Has a Decision to Make

Sanders, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar Shine in New Hampshire

How Opposition Research Happens

The Misguided Case Against the Federalist Society

New Hampshire and the Art of the Possible

There’s an LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill That Could Actually Pass

Are We All Milton Keynesians Now?

Qasim al-Raymi Was the Head of AQAP. He Was Also a 'Core' Al-Qaeda Leader.

Mayor Pete Is Having a Moment

Republicans for ... Bernie?

Our Political Parties Are In Decline, and That's a Problem

Breaking Down How GOP Senators (Minus Mitt) Got to Acquittal

A Year of Discontent on Campus

No to Court Packing but Yes to Term Limits?

Religious Liberty: Not Just for Social Conservatives

What Becomes of Iowa Now?

A Total Meltdown in Iowa

Can Democrats Keep Things Friendly?

Why $1 Trillion Deficits Are Here to Stay

Has Impeachment Doomed Amy Klobuchar?

Dershowitz's Dangerous Game

Don’t Believe Anyone Who Says Bernie Sanders Can’t Win

Trump Just Can’t Resist Cheering Authoritarians

The Absurdity of the ‘He Didn’t Break a Law’ Defense

What Really Went Wrong in Afghanistan

Trump Unveils ‘Deal of the Century’

Is Diversity Good for a Company's Bottom Line?

The Case for More Impeachments

Are the Judges Enough?

What Does It Mean to Be a Conservative Today?

Books to Read If You’re Tired of Hearing About Impeachment

Will James Blaine’s Black Knight Live to Bite Again?

The Indian Child Welfare Act Risks the Safety of the Very Children It’s Supposed to Protect

Why Loyalty to Trump Could Pay Dividends for GOP Aspirants

The New Hampshire Primary Is a Total Tossup

A Brief History of Executive Privilege

Budget Squabble Threatens U.S. Nuclear Modernization Efforts

What’s the Real Legacy of Citizens United?

Kansas Republicans Face a Stark Choice in Senate Primary

GOP Senators Face High Stakes in Impeachment

The World Needs the U.S. as a Superpower

The Trump Administration Still Wants a Deal With the Taliban. Why?

Justin Amash Has a Decision to Make

Have the Democratic Debates Even Mattered?

How Donald Trump Broke U.S. Trade Policy

Liberty Gained and Power Lost

Big Cases, Divisive Decisions, and … What if There’s a Vacancy?

The Two Faces of Duncan Hunter

Don’t Panic, Just Worry

Rep. Mike Gallagher Talks Iran and American Military Capability

The Right’s Bullsh*t Problem

Anatomy of a Screw-Up: The Story Behind the Letter Withdrawing Our Troops

What Pete Buttigieg Gets Wrong About the Founding Fathers

How Many Democratic Candidates Will Survive Iowa?