Sitemap - 2021 - The Dispatch

Welcome to the Ideological Heartland

Classical Liberals Aren’t Naive About Big Business

What Now for the Child Tax Credit?

Going Bananas in the Age of Anxiety

New Evidence Emerges: Kanakuk Kamp Blocked an Effort to Fire an Employee Later Revealed To Be a Serial Child Abuser

It’s About More Than Ukraine

Some Mixed Nuts for Christmas Eve’s Eve

Democrats Are Still Misreading Political Reality

Julian Assange’s Comeuppance

‘As We Look Back, It Has Just Disappeared’

Manchin Is Dems’ Secret Santa

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is Cinematic Bliss for Web-Heads

On a Lifeboat with a Man Who is God (Maybe)

Who Is Phil Waldron, and Why Did the January 6 Committee Subpoena Him?

The Problem With Mark Meadows’ ‘Executive Privilege’ Claim

Here’s How Not to Reform Long Term Care

What’s Really Worrisome About Those Meadows Texts

China’s Telecom Giants Are a Threat to Our Security

The Ambiguous Science on Masks

Is Trump Losing His Grip on the GOP?

Time to Target Hezbollah’s Illicit Finance Facilitators

The Empty Rhetoric at the Summit for Democracy

How Boris Johnson Lost the Plot

The Senate Gets SALT-y

Christmas in Lagos

… But for Wales?

From Tucker with Love

Should the United States Fight World War III for Ukraine?

The Lawsuit Against Gateway Pundit Highlights the Dangers of Misinformation

Can Virginia Democrats Win Back Suburban Moms?

Why the Summit of Democracy Is Not Enough

From ‘Maximum Pressure’ to ‘Minimal Resistance’

Kamala Harris’ Big Problem? She Was a Bad Pick in the First Place.

Not With Rhetoric, but With Deeds

Bob Dole’s Lifetime of Service

What the Kremlin Tells Russians About America

Taking a Lesson on Unity From Northern Ireland

The Siren Song of ‘Accountability’

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Defense Bill Hits a Snag in the Senate

Now Is Not the Time to Go Easy on Russia

What to Expect If You’re Expecting SCOTUS to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Build Back Better Is a Gift to Rich Blue-State Democratic Voters

Why Is Turkey Selling Drones to Ukraine?

Why Officials Should Reserve Judgment in Criminal Cases

Don’t Subsidize Local News

Turkey is Collateral Damage in Erdoğan’s Hostage Diplomacy

How Norman Podhoretz Made It

The Ghost of Defund Comes for Rashida Tlaib

Why ‘Patriot Purge’ Was the Last Straw

The Similarity, and Stark Difference, Between the Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery Shootings

‘I Want to Win. Because When You Win, You Get to Govern.’

The Growing Crisis at the Polish Border

With ‘Friends’ Like These ...

Beijing Sprints While America Slumbers

Why Europe Will Always Struggle With ‘Strategic Autonomy’

The 1619 Project Book, a Pew Bible for a New Religion

Why We Are Leaving Fox News

The Road to Serfdom is Paved with B.S.

What Are the Chinese After? Everything.

The Rising Danger of Space Debris

We Are Less Educated Than We Think

What Inflation and CRT Have in Common

A Sign That Iran Is Still Pursuing Nukes

Will the Biden Administration Be Soft on Sanctions?

The Changing Face of Social Breakdown

Legislation Can’t Fix Social Media

Crowd Madness Intensifies

Bringing Back the Western

Why Election Integrity Is a National Security Issue

How ‘Diplomacy First’ Has Failed In Yemen

Drones, Drones Everywhere

Sometimes Necessary, Always Tragic

Biden’s Employer Vaccine Mandate Outlives Its Usefulness Before It Even Begins

Trump Is Still an X Factor. And Not Just in the Midterms.

If Not Sununu, Then Who?

A New Threat to Iron Dome

Have the National Conservatives Missed Their Moment?

The Blessing in the Midterm Curse

Defend Gifted Education. And Then Do Much More.

Earnest Heroism and Not-So-Lovable Rogues

‘Dune’ Is Beautiful—We Need More of That

Is It Time to Fight?

Democrats’ Pandemic Response Was a Series of Missed Opportunities

Our Game of Risk in Syria

Not Ready for Prime Time

What ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Says About Our Discourse

The Lasting Legacy of A.Q. Khan

How the U.S. Drone Warfare Program Evolved Over Two Decades

Climate Change Is a Problem. Big Summits Are Not the Answer.

A Series of Boob Tubes

The Long-Awaited Dispatch 'Dune' Review

Takashi Miike: Modern Maverick

What the Build Back Better Act Would Mean for Families

Facebook’s Timely Rebrand

The Right Way to Reject Critical Race Theory

It’s Time to Go Nuclear on Climate Change

President Biden Stumps for Terry McAuliffe

Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate Primary Shows Trump’s Lingering Influence

Soaring Energy Prices Leave EU Leaders Scrambling

‘An Unprecedented Mobilization’

The Radically Normal Virginia Election

‘Something Quite Peculiar’: Donnie Darko at 20

Lessons From the U.K.’s Winter of Discontent

Global Minimum Tax Faces Challenges in Congress

A Troubling Time in Lebanon

The Ambiguous Legacy of the Powell Doctrine

People Love Big Spending Packages. Until They Have to Pay for Them.

What Iran Has Learned From Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle

McAuliffe Tries to Tie Youngkin to Trump in Campaign’s Waning Days

Why China’s Hypersonic Missile Tests Are So Concerning

Sinema Saving Seats of Silent Dems

The Making of Robert P. George

Knights, Ladies, and 'Customary Protestations'

The Great Disappearing Worker

It’s Decision Time on Iran

A Third Party Could Cure What Ails the GOP

A Bipartisan Push for War Powers Reform

Why the Nordic Model Wouldn’t Work in the U.S.

The Man Behind Wisconsin’s ‘Stop the Steal’ Effort

Columbus Comes Full Circle

All the Time in the World

No, The $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Does Not Cost $0

Washington Should Deter an Attack on Taiwan

Iron Dome Helps Israel—And Its Allies

The Cheney Challenger Lurking on the Sidelines

Federal Probe Scrutinizes Financial Dealings of the American Conservative Union

How Democrats Are Using the Pandemic to Advance Long-Term Spending Priorities

We’re Broke. We Can’t Just Keep Spending Like We’re Not.

The Morning Dispatch: China Deploys Aircraft Near Taiwan

Hostage Diplomacy Is Back. It Requires a Forceful Response.

Are House Progressives the New Freedom Caucus?

Can the Heritage Foundation Successfully Navigate the Post-Trump Era?

A Musical Film that Would Be Better Without the Music

Ross Douthat Emerges From the Depths

In Emphasizing Asia, Biden Can’t Forget About Europe

Congress Grapples With Military Justice Reform

What We Learned When the Generals Went to Congress

The Paradox of Pandemic School Reform

How the Biden Administration Is Hurting Its Credibility on China

Biden Brags About Diplomacy. It’s All Spin.

Biden Still Hasn’t Figured Out How to Read the Room

Europe’s Nuclear Power Divide

If Biden Won’t Stand Up to Iran, Congress Should Stand Up to Biden

Arizona Audit Result No Cause For Celebration

‘This Was Not About Finding the Truth’

The Chicken Sandwich Wars: Finale

‘Our Identity Has Been Hijacked’

A Tale of Two Vaccine Mandates

Afghanistan Shows Why the U.S. Still Needs NATO

U.S.-U.K. Relations, Strained by Afghanistan, Get an AUKUS Boost

How We Kept Poverty Down in 2020

Is Biden More Like Trump or Bernie Sanders on Foreign Policy?

What the Milley Affair Says About the State of Our Politics

‘We’re Not Leaving Berlin’

The Troubling Prevalence of Antisemitic Attacks in Brooklyn

Want Affordable Housing? Build More Homes.

It’s Time to Dump ‘Evangelical’

Holy Unfunny Podcast, Batman!

Biden's Vaccine Mandate Shouldn't Extend to the Naturally Immune

Goodbye To All That

The Taliban Victory Is a Gift to Iran

Joe Biden Needs a COVID Exit Strategy

Will Poland's Showdown With the EU Be the Next Brexit?

The Abraham Accords Offer a Path to Palestinian Advancement

Our Travel Bans No Longer Make Sense

Biden Joins the All-Stars of Constitutional Contempt

The Afghans We Left Behind

A Great Man Deserves a Great Biography

On Donda, A Humbled Kanye West

A Time to Serve

White House Withdraws Chipman Nomination

Trump Endorses Former Cheney Supporter to Oust Cheney

Sasse: Biden Has Caused a ‘Massive Crisis of Confidence’

Virginia Gubernatorial Race Heats Up

For Policy Reform, Look to the States

Viewing 9/11 Through the Prism of Today

Liberty for Whom?

The Biden Administration and the Paradox of the Weak

The Private Citizens Working to Rescue Our Afghan Partners

Murder Is Far From Its Only Mystery

The U.S. Intelligence Model Is Dangerously Behind the Times

It’s Not Enough to ‘Learn to Code’

How We Can Boost Our Standing on the World Stage

If Congress Wants an Eviction Moratorium, It Needs to Pass One

Are Mandatory Masks in Schools a Civil Right?

The Connection Between Disease and Authoritarianism

How Affluent Conservatives Fuel the Culture War

‘As Far as I Understand, Nobody Likes the Regime’

Who Would Have Retreated Better Than Biden?

What if Disney Tried Something New?

A Defeat of Choice

A Small Town Prepares to Welcome Refugees

A Case for Foreign Policy Reform

It’s Time to Hold Pakistan Accountable

Brace for Disinformation: Here Comes the Cyber Ninjas Report

A Morgenthau Moment for Afghanistan

Which Way Does the GOP Go on Foreign Policy Now?

The Moral Legitimacy of Our Actions in Afghanistan

How American Weapons Find Their Way to International Criminal Organizations

Biden Deflated

Where Does Our Vaccine Supply Stand as Booster Shots Are Approved?

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

'The Green Knight' Has No Chest

Back to the Drawing Board on Iran

Video: Dispatch Live on Afghanistan

There's No 'America First' Way to Evacuate Afghanistan

The Fall of Kabul and the Decline of World Order

To Fix the Climate, We Need a Million Norman Borlaugs

How the U.S. Made the Afghan Collapse Inevitable

What We Can Learn From Europe’s Refugee Crises

Dispatch Live Is Back Wednesday Night

The Strategic Consequences of America’s Loss in Afghanistan

Republicans Are at Odds With Themselves on Social Media Regulation

The Morning Dispatch: Afghanistan Falls

Biden’s Afghan Opportunism Meets Reality

What’s Next for the U.S. in Afghanistan—and Elsewhere

The Big Reveal That Wasn’t

In the DC Universe, Death is Real

Afghanistan Didn’t Have to End This Way

How to Read Raisi’s Pledge to the Palestinians

How Crime Fighting and Criminal Justice Reform Go Hand in Hand

Oregon Democrats Resurrect the ‘Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations’

When the Oath of Office Becomes Inconvenient

Europe Has Its Own Vaccine Mandate Woes

Will Inequality Lead to Illegitimacy?

‘The Digital World Is Now Our Primary Residence’

Missouri Senate Primary: Semi-Normal vs. Just Plain Weird

The Conservatism of Bret Stephens

It’s Gotta Be the Shoes

From Maximum Pressure to Maximum Deference

What Simone Biles Achieved—For Herself and Others

D.C. Residents Divided Over Homeless Encampments

The GOP Needs Ideas, Not Grievance Politics

Biden’s Meeting With Tsikhanouskaya Boosts Belarusian Democracy

Lebanon, One Year Later

Donald Trump's Persistent Grip on the Right

Instead of a New Party, How About a New Faction?

The Contradictions of Paranoid Nationalism

A Modern Comedy of Remarriage(ish)

When The Party Ends

Backsliding Into Mask Mandates

After the Protests, Madison Strives for an ‘Anti-Racist’ Agenda

How Criminal Referral Works

America's COVID-19 Air Travel Rules Are Insane

How Misinformation Starts

Inside the Mind of Mike Lindell

Rewriting Jacob Blake

Against Accepting Defeat in Afghanistan

Cleaning Out the War Powers Closet

‘How Can You Get Communities That Are in Conflict to Actually Love Each Other?’

Can Biden Walk the Walk on Democracy?

Senate Republicans' Unforced Error on the Capitol Riot Commission

A Long Road to a Long Race

Cary Grant at the Tokyo Olympics

Cyberattacks Are on the Rise. What Can Congress Do?

How Electric Vehicles Would Benefit From an Infrastructure Package

The Chinese Communist Party at 100

‘I Found Strength in Myself to Continue This Fight’

Biden Shows How Not to Improve Vaccine Rates

Why Traditionalist Catholics Are Upset About Pope Francis’ Decree on the Latin Mass

How COVID Protocols Disrupt the Learning Process

Trillions and Trillions

Expand Medicare? How About We Fix It First?

McCarthy’s Risky Midterm Strategy

Our Best Stuff From a Week We Went Big on Policy

A Neon Sugar Rush

'How Do You Know What You’re Going to Do Until You Do It?'

How the NSA Ends Up With Information on Americans Without Targeting Them

The EU Is Only Too Happy to Appease Iran

Stop Calling It Jim Crow

Our Secrecy Paradox

How Iran Tries to Conceal Its Meddling in Iraq

How the U.N. Human Rights Council Ends Up With So Many Human Rights Abusers

Chief Operating Officer

Why Greece Can Be a Powerful Ally

Vaccines Save Lives. Anti-Vax Hysteria Kills.

Protecting Our Electoral Institutions

Explaining Infrastructure: How a Bill Becomes a Road

The 20 Years’ War: America in Afghanistan

Anti-Vaccine Pandering Poses Risk for GOP

I Think You Should Watch ‘I Think You Should Leave’

'Black Widow' Is a Regression for the MCU—Figuratively and Literally

Welcome to the New Cold War

How Both Sides Distort the Debate Over Critical Race Theory

The Best Fix to One-Party Rule Isn’t Recalls. It’s Two Strong Parties.

How Our Culture Wars Make Us More Vulnerable to Chinese Influence

How Our Connections Cause Catastrophes

Wildfire Season Is Upon Us. It’s Going to Be Bad.

‘Nobody Will Ever Know Who Really Won’

What to Watch While You’re Waiting for Fireworks

Celebrating Independence Day with Parliament-Funkadelic

It’s Time to Make the House Bigger

Biden’s Fantasies About a New New Deal Are a Mirage

How We Can Fix Our ‘Made in China’ Problem

What’s in a Name, Image, and Likeness?

Does the Infrastructure Compromise Signal a Return to Moderation?

How Viktor Orbán Became China’s Most Reliable European Ally

How Not to Fix Early Childhood Education

How Conservatorships Work

Vice President, Marketing

Trump Returns to the Stump in Ohio

Getting Out of Iran's Way

A Hangover Cure for Evangelicals

What’s the Difference Between Chaos and Freedom?

Why We Need More Humility in Politics

The Closure of Apple Daily Is a Warning Shot to Businesses in Hong Kong

The Biden-Putin Summit Has Opened the Floodgates

How Fighting Corruption in Central America Can Help Reduce Illegal Immigration

Why Is the Mail Still So Slow?

‘The Ethiopian People Don’t Have a Meaningful Choice’

The Fight Over Critical Race Theory Is Only a Short-Term Gift to the GOP

Are Rising Crime Rates a Blip or a Longer-Term Concern?

Now Is Not the Time to Abandon Mali

The G7 Has a Global Tax Plan. Can It Implement It?

Mountaineers Are Always Free

Sticks, Not Carrots

George Will Stands Against Vehemence

The New January 6 Scapegoats

The Butcher in Line to Become Iran's Next President

The Soft Totalitarianism of ‘Anti-Racist’ Ideology

What the NYC’s Mayoral Race Could Tell Us About Urban America After a Year of Turmoil

Immigration Reform Hopes Wane Amid Influx of Migrants at the Border

It’s Time to Ditch the Cold War Strategies With Putin

Can Democrats Pick Up a Senate Seat in the ‘Bluest Red State in the Country’?

What’s Next for Belarus?

How Academic Freedom Can Be Used to Silence Others

Lost at Sea: How Two Iranian Warships Are Testing American Mettle

How the Left’s Favorite Pollster Is Leading Democrats Into a Trap

‘Everything Depends on the Quality and Direction of Light’

The Writer of This Article Also Wrote This Headline and That’s Rare

Celebrating Indiana Jones 40 Years After 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'

How Alexander Lukashenko Has Maintained His Grip Over Belarus for Decades

What ProPublica Gets Wrong About the Wealthy and Taxes

Europe’s Climate Continental Divide

Maricopa County Audit Tests an Already Fractured Arizona GOP

Why the Coming Iranian Elections Will Challenge the Biden Administration

The Democrats’ ‘Manchin Problem’ Shows Normalcy Is Winning

Why China Is Allowing Families to Have Three Children—and Why It Might Not Change Much

Why the Games Will Likely Go On

China’s Potemkin Peacekeeping

Federalism Akimbo

It’s Time for Democracies to Push Back Against China’s Authoritarianism

The de Vil Is in the Details

The View from the Children’s Table

We Must Help the Afghan Interpreters, Plain and Simple

What You Need to Know About Texas’ Election Reform Bill

How the EU Treats Friends Worse Than Foes

Why the Biden Administration Shouldn’t Rush Into a New Iran Deal

The Danger of Surrendering to Populism

What HIPAA Isn't

How Moscow Is Threatening Radio Free Europe and the Remnants of the Independent Press

Glenn Youngkin Makes A Kitchen Table Pitch to Virginians

‘For Love of Country They Accepted Death’

A Tribute to the Dead, A Reminder to the Living

Recipes for Your Early Summer Harvest

How We Can Renew and Improve Our Civil Discourse

How the Media Botched the Lab-Leak Story

Is the U.S. Caving on Iran Sanctions?

How Germany’s Green Party Could Take Control of the Government This Fall

The GOP’s ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Hypocrisy

Before Investing More in R&D, We Must Secure Research Institutions From Outside Threats

How the West Must Handle Lukashenko’s Threat to the International Order

An Early Look at Pennsylvania’s 2022 Senate Race

Can Mark McCloskey Ride Viral Fame Into the Senate?

The Trumpian Agenda Fueling Mo Brooks’ Senate Campaign

A Modest Step Toward Entitlement Reform

Republicans Should First Ask How, Not Who

The City that Never Dies

'Escape from the Planet of the Apes' at 50

Why Israel Might Be Headed Toward Yet Another Parliamentary Election

How Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Could Change Our Abortion Debate

Israel Confronts Tehran’s Terror Proxies in Gaza

Why ‘Plutonium Pits’ Are Key to Updating Our Aging Nuclear Arsenal

The Danger of Limiting Transracial Adoption

The Changing Face of Gun Politics in America

How ‘Independents’ Distort Our Politics

Can Portland Recover From a Year of Lockdowns and Nihilism?

Our Current Labor Shortage Is Just a Sneak Peek Into the Future

Prodigal Partisans and the Pandemic

Liz Cheney at High Noon

A Quarter-Century of ‘Uncommon Knowledge’ 

How the Feds Can Cut Down on Onerous Employment Restrictions

The Case for Treating Hackers Like Pirates

What’s Behind the Escalation of Violence in Israel

‘I Probably Won’t Ever Speak to Her Again’

We Should Not Underestimate China’s Military Ambitions

Video: Dispatch Live for May 12

French Protesters Want Closure—and Justice—for the Killing of Sarah Halimi

China Is Not the Competitive Threat That Biden Says It Is

How Purging Liz Cheney From Leadership Will Backfire for the GOP

Tonight Night: Dispatch Live Is Back

How Anti-Racism Is Derailing Efforts to Improve Education

How Strong Families Build Stronger Communities

Why I'm Here

How Republicans Could Blow Their Midterm Moment

What We Have Learned About Biden’s Foreign Policy

We Don’t Need to Lift Patents to Make Vaccines More Accessible

Superheroes and Moral Relativism

The World's Biggest Art Heist

Can Pete Snyder Ride the Trump Wave?

When Republicans Capitalize on Cancel Culture

So Much for Going Slow on Iran

Why the U.S. Should Worry About Russian and Chinese Ambition in the Arctic

Understanding the GOP Battle Over Vaccine Passports

Kevin McCarthy's GOP is Tired of Hearing the Truth

Don’t Call It a New New Deal

What the Heck Is Going On in Maricopa County?

‘How Is That Conservative?’

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

The Era of Big Government is Here

COVID with Sinatra

Plenty of Remorse

Did the Democrats’ Takeover of the Senate Embolden Biden?

Is It Really Too Expensive to Raise a Family?

An Oberlin Professor Is Under Fire for His Past

Grading Biden’s First 100 Days on Education

What the Leaked Zarif Interview Says About the Power Dynamic of Iranian Leadership

Video: Dispatch Live for April 28

‘Our Message Is Unity’

Act Like a Grandpa, Govern Like a Radical

A Unified Theory of Bidenism

Apple’s Data Privacy Push Sets Up a Showdown With the Digital Ad Industry

The Hypocrisy of Gretchen Whitmer

New Witnesses Allege Kanakuk Kamps Tried to Cover Up Child Sex Abuse

Dispatch Live Is Tonight

White House Tiptoes Into 'Anti-Racism' Culture War

Americans Color Outside the Lines

'Out of Many, One' Review

Malcolm Gladwell's Oral Tradition of Strategic Bombing

The War on Nuance

The Dangers of the Populist Antitrust Movement

House Republicans Introduce Market-Oriented Climate Measures

Economic Freedom Is Great for the Planet

Biden Can’t Afford to Ignore the Threats From Russia

What the ‘America First Caucus’ Debacle Revealed About Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Science Behind the Trump Campaign's Recurring Donations

The Rejection of Globalism—on the Left and the Right—Is Changing Our Political Alignments

How Cuomo’s Pandemic Response Eroded the Public Trust

What a New Report Gets Wrong About Economic Inequality

‘It’s Not Difficult to Win an Election When Your Opponents Are Not on the Ballot’

What Biden’s Stumble on Refugees Says About Immigration

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Review

Is Now Really the Time to Revive the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Biden Puts Feelings Over Facts in Afghanistan Withdrawal

What Led to Our Worst Pandemic Errors? In Many Cases, Faulty Economic Thinking.

‘We Just Can’t Do This Anymore’

Joe Biden and the Whig Restoration

Who Will Protect Our Liberties if Democrats Kill the Filibuster?

Can a Florida Man Lead the GOP Out of the Wilderness?

J.D. Vance Shows How the Populist Right Adopted the Logic of 'You Didn't Build That'

We Should All Be Madisonians

Biden’s Supreme Court Commission Is Large and Progressive. And Mostly Pointless.

Can Northern Ireland Avoid a Return to the Troubles?

Biden’s Reboot of 1990s Gun Restrictions Is a Predictable Flop

Ballet Dancers Trudge Through the Pandemic

A Very Good Film About a Very Bad Man

No, Georgia's Election Law Is Not 'Jim Crow 2.0'

How Beijing Is Testing the Biden Administration

Tracking the Trillions

‘The Only Defense You Have Is to Shine a Light’

What the Narrative on School Reopenings Has Missed

There Is More than One 'Big Lie' Shaping the Georgia Election Law Debate

Can a Republican Retake Virginia’s Governor’s Mansion?

China Is Playing Games With Australia. The U.S. Should Pay Attention.

Imbeciles Amok

Biden's Infrastructure Proposal Is a Giant Boondoggle

‘This Race Needs To Be About Ohio’

How 'Man of Steel' Got Superman Wrong

A Giant Disappointment

Why State Election Reform Bills Don’t Signal a New Jim Crow Era

The Culture Wars as Distraction

Eric Greitens Tries Again

After Failing on the Pandemic, the WHO Seeks More Power

The Paradox That Fuels Our Divided Politics

Can an Anti-Trump Republican Win a Special Election in Texas?

The EU Is Missing a Chance to Address Its Problems With Turkey

How the GOP Can Reverse the Progressive Advance

The Passing of A Diplomatic Legend and a Master of Grand Strategy

The First Amendment: Rarely Popular, Always Necessary

Sherlock Holmes gets the 'Stranger Things' treatment

American Psycho at 30

How the House’s Election Reform Bill Would Exacerbate Our Polarization

Why Is the Filibuster Only ‘Racist’ When Republicans Use It?

Biden Has a New Vaccine Goal. It's Still Too Low.

Ron Johnson Is the Same as He Ever Was

Hong Kong Isn’t an Endgame for China. It’s a Starting Point.

A New Law Shows Why Digital Ad Taxes Present Legal and Logistical Challenges

The Problem With America’s Patriotism Deficit

Capitolism: While the GOP Fights Culture Wars on TV, Democrats Enact Progressive Policies

As Border Challenges Persist, Let's Not Confuse the Real Threats

How the U.S. Can Prevent the Winter Olympics From Being a Triumphant Spectacle for China

Should George Floyd's Past Record Be Admitted as Evidence in Derek Chauvin's Trial?

Be Kind, Don’t Rewind

Oscars 2021 Watch Guide

Earmarks Are Back. The GOP’s Enthusiasm Is Worrying.

Good Climate Policy Should Fight Corruption and Organized Crime

Video: Dispatch Live for March 18

What a Decades-Old Experiment Can Teach Us About Derek Chauvin and George Floyd

Why We Need Shakespeare and Beethoven

Conservatives Drift Leftward in the Plan to Rescue America

Politics or Policy? Explaining Marco Rubio’s Pro-Union Push

The Election Was Secure. Why Rush Electoral Reform?

Joe Manchin Is Right: Reform the Filibuster

What Happens in the Ivory Tower Doesn’t Stay There

Dispatch Live Is Back Tonight

Republicans Dabble With Class Warfare

Will the Actions of Biden's Iran Team Match Its Words?

No Parade? How About a St. Patrick's Day Playlist?

Ryan's Mom's Irish Soda Bread

Is It Really Too Hard for Comedians to Joke About Joe Biden?

How Mean Tweets—And Bad Predictions—Threaten to Derail Another Biden Nominee

Biden’s Immigration Moves Draw Scrutiny From the Right—and the Left

We Need Antitrust Reform—For the Little Guy

Schooling in the Time of COVID

Partisanship, Political Dysfunction, and $2 Trillion Spending Sprees

Out of Many, What?

Democrats' Election Bill Is a Disaster for Free Speech

How Vaccine Passports Contribute to Global Inequality

Could We Be Looking at a Vaccine Glut?

The Palmer Effect Lives on a Century Later

Billie Eilish: Queen of Electropop

The Muddled Message of 'Hillbilly Elegy'

What to Expect When You're Expecting to Get Vaccinated Soon

Politics Is About More Than 'Following the Science'

The Freedom to Read Is Good Indeed

Is the Muslim World Ignoring the Plight of the Uyghurs?

Tear Down That Fence: Security Theater Won’t Protect The Capitol

CPAC Was Right at Home in the Land of Make-Believe

Biden Risks Repeating Mistakes of the Past if He Ignores the Evidence on Iran

What We Have Yet to Learn About the Capitol Riots

How Boris Johnson Outplayed Nigel Farage on Brexit. And Then Everything Else.

Ending Our Alternative-Reality Politics Demands a New Way of Educating Citizens

It's Still Donald Trump's Party

Dark Days in Hong Kong

Florida Basks in New Role as Republican Homeland

The Great Chicken Sandwich Wars, Continued

WandaVision and the Art of Corporate World-Building

The Party of Government. Literally.

Team Biden Tries to Thread the Needle on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Understanding the Brouhaha Over Biden's Use of a Facility to House Unaccompanied Minors

The Unintended Downside of Childhood Allowance Proposals

‘They Wasted Away Four Years of My Life’

House Democrats Go Fox Hunting

Biden Offered a Return to Normalcy. Will His Base Let It Happen?

History Offers Biden a Way Forward on Russia

Words as Weapons: How Activist Journalists are Changing the New York Times

Is Congress Spending Enough on Cybersecurity?

Purple Manchin’s Majesty

Another Day at the Track

A Timely New Novel Explores Illiberalism in the Newsroom

Beware the Return of the Earmarxists

GOP Leaders Warm to Idea of January 6 Commission

We Must Work to Prevent a ‘Space Pearl Harbor’

Clubhouse Is a Hit With Celebrities. Can It Be a Tool for Activists?

Recording of Dispatch Live for Feb 17

How the West Has Turned a Blind Eye to the Exploitation of Women and Children

Is It Time for the Republican Party to Split Apart?

Dispatch Live Is Back Tonight.

It’s Time for Biden to Call Netanyahu

McConnell’s Choice Is Emblematic of the GOP’s Rot.

The Grammar of Politics

Congress Spins Into a Ditch

Love In a Time of Sadness

The Founders Saw Congress as Supreme, Not ‘Coequal’

Want to Fix Social Media? Lose the Anonymity.

Biden's Yemen Policy Won't Work Any Better Than Trump's

What the Pandemic Has Exposed About the Politics of Public Health

An Interview With Dr. Peter Daszak

Democrats Have Forgotten the First Lesson of Pandemic Economics

American Democracy Did Not Survive Intact

Impeachment Is About Statesmanship, Not Criminal Behavior

Why Aren’t More Public Schools Opening?

The State of Play on COVID Treatments

How Lincoln Can Guide Us In Restoring Our Institutions

Will Ron Johnson Seek a Third Term?

Secretary of the American Century

The Dangers of the Derp State

Mark Twain Understood What Motivated Mobs

If Biden Wants Unity, He Should Emulate Bush Instead of Obama

Will ‘COVID Fatigue’ Help Curb the Use of Emergency Orders?

Strong Communities Need Public Spaces—and Private Enterprise

Republicans Are Playing a Risky Game in Elevating QAnon

Do States Have Enough Federal Funding to Safely Reopen Public Schools?

A New Fairness Doctrine Is an Old, Bad Idea

Biden’s Anti-Discrimination Order Is Executive Vaporware

Don’t Eliminate the Filibuster. Reform It.

The Problems With Populism Go Well Beyond Donald Trump

For Love of the Game

Mike Pence and the ‘Snape Option’

Impeachment Shows How Partisan Politics Have Swamped the Constitution

An Interview With Sen. Rob Portman

How Biden Is Appeasing Progressives With His Education Department Picks

Who Is Behind the Thwarted Attacks on Riyadh?

The Real ‘Social Dilemma’? It’s Our Clueless Elites.

Biden Plays Expectations Game on COVID Vaccine

Our Institutions Were Tested. They Persevered.

The Ill Effects of Tyranny

Let's Talk About Those $1,400 Checks

Is the U.S. Holdup of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccine Justified?

China Eyes Reunification With Taiwan

The Great Chicken Sandwich (Meal) Wars, Settled

One Night in Miami Grapples With Tough Questions on Race

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How About We Ditch Whataboutism?

Congress Should Recommit to Civilian Control of the Military

Why the Sudan-Israel Deal Might Be the Most Important Yet

The Remarkable Descent of Rudy Giuliani

Biden Would Do Well to Remember That the U.K. Is Our Closest Ally

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