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Promising Signs From the NATO Summit

Will Biden Seize His Middle East Moment?

How Russia Is Testing the EU’s Resolve on Sanctions

‘JOIN, or DIE’

Monkeypox Cases Continue International Uptick

The Great Resignation Shows It’s Time to Rethink Worker Dignity

The Texas GOP Takes a Hard Right Turn

The IAEA Needs Access to Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plant. Biden Can Help.

Donald Trump’s Fractured Inner Circle on January 6

It’s Time for NATO to Help the Baltics

How Dobbs Might Shape the Future of Conservatism in Unexpected Ways

Nigerian Instability Grows as Abductions and Murders Continue Unchecked

Video: Bombshell January 6 Hearings and Post-Roe America

Dispatch Live Update: Bombshell January 6 Hearings and Post-Roe America

The Israeli Moment

How Finland Abandoned Neutrality and Turned Toward NATO

Five States to Watch in the Wake of Dobbs

Another Embattled Incumbent Faces a GOP Primary Runoff

Welcome to The Dispatch

Dispatch Live: Post-Roe America and an Update on Ukraine

Déjà Vu for Title IX

Americans at the End of the Age

Not Just the Nutcracker

How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law, Parts 8 and 9

Bucking the Party Line on Gun Control

Why Russia Is Calling Sanctions on Kaliningrad a ‘Blockade’

How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law, Parts 6 and 7

Saudi Arabia Welcomes a Likely ‘Reset’ With the U.S.

Only the U.S. Can Tip the Balance of a Long War Toward Ukraine

Unforced Errors and the Mirage of Popularity

An Important Victory for School Choice

The Saudi Golf Tour Is Blatant ‘Sportswashing’

How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law, Parts 4 and 5

Video: Haley Byrd Wilt on ‘How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law’

How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law, Parts 2 and 3

The Economics of Abortion in a Post-Roe World

Dispatch Live: Haley Byrd Wilt on ‘How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law’

PDF: How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law

How the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Became Law

Understanding MIT’s Free Speech Crisis

The Era of Pretty Good Feelings

Among the Kiss Fanatics

Democracies and Diversity

Tainted Qatari Millions Are All Over Washington

The Pence Pressure Campaign

Do You Have Friends Who Would Enjoy The Dispatch?

France’s Fine Line for Achieving Peace in Ukraine

To Bolster Deterrence, the U.S. Must Work With the Philippines

Romney Revamps His Family Security Act

Democrats Condemn MAGA Republicans While Boosting Their Campaigns

And This Is the Tanks I Get!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the January 6 Committee

Video: Dispatch Live January 6 Hearings Update

An Inside View of the Trump Team’s Election Fabrications

(Mis)Understanding Nukes

Can We Make Red Flag Laws Work?

How to Read Putin’s Latest Comments on ‘Sovereignty’

Dispatch Live: January 6 Hearings Update

What Erdoğan Has Wrought?

The United Nations’ Human Rights Problem

The January 6 Committee and Me

'Kenobi' Lends Help to an Ailing Franchise

Bambi, Before It Was a Kids’ Movie

Primetime Hearing Focuses on the Plan Behind January 6

John Cornyn Takes Center Stage During Gun Control Talks

What Chesa Boudin’s Recall Says About Criminal Justice Reform

Pro-life Activists Report Increasing Violence as Dobbs Decision Looms

Bad News for Biden: Congress Cooling on Idea of an Iran Deal

Henry Kissinger’s Long History of Appeasing Dictatorships

‘Let’s Understand What Happened’

How Russia Is Both Exacerbating and Benefiting From a Looming Food Crisis

Note to Democrats: Don’t Use the January 6 Hearings for Partisan Purposes

What You Need to Know as the January 6 Hearings Begin

Video: Special Guest Rep. Liz Cheney Joins Dispatch Live

Dispatch Live Update: Announcing Special Guest Rep. Liz Cheney

Johnson Faces Another Badger State Senate Battle

A Lesson in Reckless Rhetoric

Dispatch Live: January 6 and Beyond

Michelle Bachelet’s Disgraceful, Demoralizing Trip to China

Hot Nerd Summer: ESG Comes to Washington

The Film 'Top Gun' Wanted to Be

'One of the Greatest Instruments of Civilization'

Have a Minute to Share The Dispatch?

A Marshall Plan for Ukraine?

America’s Sins of Omission in the Indo-Pacific

As New Title IX Regulations Loom, Pushback Grows From Multiple Sides

The Dispatch Book Club Is Here and Starts Today

Conservatives Who Tried to Derail Doug Mastriano’s Pennsylvania Primary Bid Consider Supporting Him in November

No Time to Go Wobbly

Member Discussion for “Livewired” — June 2022

A Hybrid Learning Model Can Help, Not Harm, Higher Education

It’s Voters, Not Lobbyists, Who Shape the GOP Gun Agenda

Video: The Taping of the 500th episode of The Remnant

The Woke Taliban That Never Was

Macron’s Next Challenge

Don’t Let Iran Humiliate the IAEA Again

Against the Winnie-the-Pooh Slasher Movie

Jordan Has an Iran Problem. Can Israel and Saudi Arabia Unite to Combat It?

Would Repealing the 17th Amendment Fix the Senate?

After Uvalde, What Now?

The New Right’s Dangerous Attitude on Corporate Rights

The Tired Soviet Ideology Behind Russian Propaganda

Stop Turning Away the Next Einsteins

Bipartisanship Flies Under the Radar in D.C.

Georgia Republicans Stick With Kemp by a Wide Margin

Video: The State of the Evangelical Church, Another Mass Shooting, and the Georgia Primary

Can Brad Raffensperger Thwart a Stolen-Election Offensive in Georgia?

Alabama Senate Primary Splits the GOP in DC

What South Ossetia Can Teach Us About Russian Politics

Dispatch Live: Tim Alberta and a Georgia Primary Check-In

A Populist Möbius Strip

Pinpointing What Went Wrong in the Collapse of Afghanistan

Protests in Iran Are Surging. The Biden Administration Can Help.

The West Has a Lot to Be Proud Of

So Much for Reforming the World Health Organization

A Look at the State of Red Flag Laws After Buffalo

It’s Time to Stop Giving Crypto Companies a Pass

Be Wary of Speculation About Putin’s Health

The Misguided Opposition to the $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package

Breaking Down Texas' Disruptive New Social Media Law

Trump Cares About Control, Not Winning Elections

The Strongman Cometh

Don’t Let Lukashenko Off the Hook

Esper Paints Chaotic Picture of Trump Administration’s Middle East Policy

Doug Mastriano Bucks the GOP Establishment in Pennsylvania

Video: State of the GOP

What Will Putin Do With Kherson?

High-Profile Republicans Split on Pennsylvania Senate Primary

Trump Tests His Influence in North Carolina

Iran Is in Position for a Surprise Nuclear Breakout

Dispatch Live: State of the GOP

Pennsylvania Primary Hints at What Trump ’24 Might Look Like

What We Must Do to Help Ukraine Win

More Like 'Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Badness'

Shapes in the Fog

Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control: Old Myths and New Realities

Protest Block Parties

History Shows Why We Need an Independent Judiciary

What Is Behind the Uptick in Terror Attacks In Israel?

What Putin’s Talking About When He Talks About ‘American Exceptionalism’

The Legacy of Soviet Anti-Jewish Propaganda Rears Its Ugly Head

Get Ready for a Bumpy Ride if Roe Is Overturned

Video: More on Roe v. Wade

The Clock Keeps Ticking on a New Iran Nuclear Deal

Pennsylvania Gets a Trump Shot in the Arm

German Leaders Are Out of Touch on Ukraine. One Politician Is Forcing Their Hand.

A New President Faces Familiar Challenges in Seoul

Dispatch Live: More on Roe v. Wade

In Defense of Norms and Institutions

Trump Did Not Invent Awful Republican Primaries

From Buckskin to Spandex

David Perdue’s Campaign Hustle

Canceling Student Loan Debt Is a Terrible Idea

Arizona: the Epicenter of 2020 Election Misinformation

Non-Interventionist Republicans: A Small, Vocal Minority

Seyed Hossein Mousavian: Regime Exile or Tehran’s Man in America?

Leave Twitter to the Dogs

Video: Overturning Roe and Ohio Primary Check-In

Ohio’s Wild Primary Comes to a Close

The Ukraine War’s Nuclear Fallout

NATO’S Nordic Moment

Dispatch Live: Overturning Roe and Ohio Primary Check-In

Little Kaisers, Left and Right

The War in Ukraine Shows the Need for Foreign Aid Reform

Canceling Student Debt Won’t Fix the Real Injustice in Higher Education

Republicans Take Aim at ESG Investing

‘The Northman’ Takes History, Spirituality, and Young Men Seriously

Biden Adopts a Tougher Line on Russia

Russia and China Team Up to Accuse America of ’Imperialism’

How Social and Emotional Learning Became a New Front in the Culture Wars

Could Putin Do the Unthinkable?

Attacks in Israel Continue, but for How Long?

Macron Will Have Little Time to Savor His Victory

DeSantis Beat Disney—Then the Mob Wanted More

Video: Dispatch Live: More of ‘The Right’ with Matthew Continetti

How Ukraine’s Neighbors Will Shape Its War Effort

Understanding America’s Fragility Problem

Staff Disputes, Fiery Allegations Mire Joe Kent's Congressional Campaign

Dispatch Live: More of ‘The Right’ with Matthew Continetti

Does Russia Have Designs on Southern Ukraine?

Ohio’s Map-Making Merry-Go-Round

McCarthy’s Problems Long Predate Trump

What We Lose When We Stop Telling Stories

Give Me a Break

It’s Past Time for Conservatives to Reject Conspiracy Theories

What’s the Process for Joining NATO?

Our Failed COVID Response

The Donbas and Beyond

Ukraine Needs More Weapons—Now

Lenin Returns to Ukraine

Video: All Things Ukraine

J.D. Vance Hopes for a Boost After Trump Endorsement

Russia Decides to Blame NATO for Sinking the Moskva

Russia’s Dark History—and Bleak Future

Dispatch Live: All Things Ukraine

At 30, ‘Unforgiven’ Is Aging Very Gracefully

Will Our Actions Ever Match Our Words on Human Rights?

Are Steve Bannon and MTG On the Outs?

What Will Ukraine Do With Captured Putin Pal Viktor Medvedchuk?

Vladimir Kara-Murza, Imprisoned but Undaunted

Afghanistan Becomes a Black Hole for American Intelligence Operations

What’s Wrong with the Russian Army?

What If We Ran Our Elections Like France?

Why We Should Be Wary of Export Controls

The ‘Butcher of Syria’ Now Leads Russia’s Troops in Ukraine

Video: Dispatch Live: We’re Back (Again)

Will Madison Cawthorn's Scandals Hurt His Primary Chances?

Iran’s Cyberspace Evolution

Can Emmanuel Macron Win His Rematch With Marine LePen?

Dispatch Live: We’re Back (Again)

Pollster Tosses Drowning Dems an Anvil

Is the Ceasefire in Yemen a Gain for Iran?

An Intellectual Property-Free Multiverse

A New Report Sheds Lights on Renewed Efforts to Free ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’

Nursing Homes Are Struggling. Biden’s Proposed Reforms Will Make Things Worse.

Defining ‘Retaliation’ Down

Lessons From the Winter War

Skilled Workers Are Fleeing Russia. Let’s Welcome Them.

When Public Education Becomes Parochial

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

When History Is Lost in the Ether

The Ruthless Realpolitik of the United Arab Emirates

What are Secondary Sanctions?

Making the Case for Wedge Issues

The Bucha Massacre and the Horrors to Come

President Biden’s Bizarre Attack on Charter Schools

Keep an Eye on Kherson

The Kremlin’s Latin American Echo Chamber

Palin’s House Run Par For Alaska’s Wild and Wooly Politics

Ukraine Strikes Back

The Simpsons: A Perfectly Cromulent Oral History, Part 1—Inside The Harvard Lampoon

North Korea Looks to Capitalize on Washington’s Attention Deficit

Putin’s European Spy Games

The Buckeye State’s Senate Brawl

The Challenge of Containing a Nuclear Iran

When Gaffes Become Policy

The U.S. Can’t Just Quit the Middle East

Why Attempts to Compare Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan Fall Flat

House Republicans Look Back to 1994

Russia’s New ‘Limited Strategy’ Doesn’t Mean Less War

The Biden Budget’s $2 Trillion Magic Asterisk

The Uncomfortable Truth of Biden’s Gaffe

What to Make of Russia’s Saber-Rattling Toward Poland

Biden Has Company at the Bottom of the Barrel

David Perdue Banks on a Trump Bump in Georgia

Looking to Polish Cinema

Elise Stefanik Takes the Reins at GOP Issues Retreat

Meet the Turkish Oligarch Who’s Pushing Kremlin Talking Points

Inside the First Ukrainian City to Fall to Russia

What Ukraine Needs Now

When ‘Rigorous’ Courses Aren’t

The Media Bias Paradox

Just How Many Russian Soldiers Have Died in Ukraine?

How the Pandemic Has Overwhelmed a Federal Injury Compensation Program

Ketanji Brown Jackson Weathers a Marathon Day Two

A Hedge Fund Manager, a Celebrity Doctor, and Pennsylvania's Crowded Senate Field

It’s Time for the EU to Turn to Africa

A Retired Ukrainian Naval Commander on What Its Navy Has—and What It Needs

Can Brian Kemp Make It to His Stacey Abrams Rematch?

The Problem with ‘Blame NATO First’

A Selfish Kind of Historical Relativism

Oscars 2022 Watch Guide

Concessions to Iran, Russia Pile Up in Nuclear Talks

Putin Plays the Victim Card

How Professors—Not Administrators—Got Students Through the Pandemic

An Idea for Paid Family Leave That Just Might Work

Watching a War Half a World Away

The Ukraine Crisis Shows the Need for a Bigger Defense Budget

Summer Internship

Video: Checking in on the Supreme Court Term

A Tale of Two Cold Wars

Signs of Resistance From Occupied Areas in Ukraine

Surprise! Pork Barrel Politics Is Back

Congress Is Fighting With Itself in Regulating Big Tech

Jaime Herrera Beutler’s Issues-Based Bet

Dispatch Live: Previewing the Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings

Baby Got Brief

Putin’s Conscript Problem

Why China Is Unlikely to Save Russia’s Economy

Kemp’s Stand in Georgia a Titanic Test of Trump’s Clout

‘Studio 666’ is Nothing But a Good Time

Defiant Hope in a Dying City

Running on the Boring Flank Against Marjorie Taylor Greene

Schools Are Exiting the Pandemic. What Now?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the IAEA’s New Iran Agreement

The Past Offers a Way Forward on Foreign Policy

Russian Propaganda About Bioweapons Finds a Home in the United States

How Iran is Making Inroads in South America

For House Democrats, a Trip Delayed

Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine Now?

Trump’s Ukraine Comments Show the Dangers of Power Worship

Turkey Walks a Tightrope on Ukraine

A History Lesson From the Hessians to the Chechens

Video: Dispatch Live on Two Weeks of War in Ukraine

Why The Dispatch

Welcome to The Dispatch

New Iran Nuclear Deal? Same Old Missile Problems.

Ukraine Is Not World War III

‘Reliving Some of Our Parents’ Nightmares’

Dispatch Live: The Domestic Consequences of the Ukraine Invasion

Hey Hey, My My, Apocalyptic Politics Will Never Die

EU Membership Is Not the Best Way for Europe to Help Ukraine

Is Belarus Blinking?

Putin, Propaganda, and the Politics of Censorship

A Turning Point in the Climate Debate

Ditching Journalism Ethics in 'Inventing Anna'

Vengeance Isn't Enough

The Unforgiving Math of the U.S. Labor Market

Putin Is Making a Mockery of the United Nations

Russia’s Invasion Prompts Quick Senate Action on Cybersecurity

Will the European Union Admit Ukraine?

What Are Europe’s Energy Alternatives?

The Coming Surrender to Iran

GOP Senators Slow to Back Rick Scott’s ‘Rescue America’ Agenda

The Risks of Delay Loom Large

China, Russia, and the Challenge Ahead

Gradually, Then Suddenly: How the World Stood Up to Putin

GOP Reps Slam Greene, Gosar

Video: Dispatch Live on Ukraine and State of the Union

'Unafraid to Lose'

Moscow Misjudges Ukraine and the World

Russia’s Propaganda Flop

Dispatch Live: State of the Union Preview

Ukrainians Hold a Mirror to America’s Egotistical Anxieties

How the World Can Best Help Ukraine’s Refugees

How to Fight the New Cold War

War in Ukraine: Our Complete Coverage

Putin Has Told Us What He Fears

Sanctioning Putin: An Interview With Bill Browder

Trump Straddles the Ukraine Fence

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Busy Weekend

What Should the United States Do Now?

Putin’s Propaganda of Desperation

Mike Lindell’s CPAC Sideshow

A Call to Buck Russian Banks

Increasing the Price of Putin's Invasion

Open the Books on Critical Race Theory

Sanctions Are Not Enough

Video: Dispatch Live With Klon Kitchen

Only Bad Guys Want Wars

China’s Other Human Rights Atrocity

What Is the Metaverse?

Announcing a New Newsletter From Security Expert Klon Kitchen

Waiting for Russia’s Next Move

Putin Should Be Careful What He Wishes For

Welcome to the New Cold War

Amnesty International’s Problematic Israel Report

Trump-Pence Election Kerfuffle Clears a Path for Some GOP Senators

Dispatch Live: 2.22.22

Biden’s Truman Moment

The Pros and Cons of ‘Deterrence by Disclosure’

Robert Hayden, the Poet Who Would Not Be Canceled

An Almost Good Mystery


Guessing Games at the Brink of War

A New, Weaker Iran Deal Would Pave a Path to the Nuclear Threshold

The Next Front in Russia’s Propaganda Campaign Against the U.S.

How Tribalism Keeps People From Conceding Reality

The U.S. Must Prepare to Withstand a Cyberattack

Making Sense of the Latest Clinton-Trump-Russia Court Filing

Social Media Marketing Manager

Video: Dispatch Live on Ukraine

In Wisconsin, 'Stop the Steal' Still Roiling GOP Politics

Ottawa Protests Offer a Window Into Our Political Transformations

The Mike Lindell Roadshow Comes to New Hampshire

Dispatch Live Is Back Tonight

Why China’s Threat to Punish Outspoken Olympians Rings Hollow

Democrats Waffle on Mask Messaging

The Two Faces of Putin’s Propaganda Messaging

‘They Don't Respect Human Rights. They Hide the Truth.’

Florida’s Fight With Faith Groups Over Unaccompanied Minors

Lessons From the Viral ‘Crack Pipe’ News Cycle

New Dispatch Membership Benefits Are Coming

How Russia Uses Faked Videos to Support Its Ukrainian Initiatives

Foreign Aid Is Not the Answer to Afghanistan’s Woes

Ukrainian Civilians Don’t Want War But Are Ready to Fight

The Old—and Incoherent—Foreign Policy of the New Right and the Government’s Identity Verification Problem

The RNC Really Stepped In It by Censuring Cheney and Kinzinger

Price Controls Are Disastrous. Just Ask South America.

Could Saudi Arabia Help Save Biden’s Flailing Presidency?

‘Without Moderates, This Place Will Be Almost Unworkable’

Preschool Can Be Great. Universal Pre-K Schemes Are Something Else.

Assessing the Military Strength of Russia and Ukraine

McDaniel, RNC Harm Republican Chances

James Gunn's Freak Flag Flies Too High

How Russian Propaganda Paints the West as Aggressors in Ukraine

The New Worst Deal in History

Does the Constitution Have 27 or 28 Amendments Now?

The World Shrugs and the Games Go On

Don’t Like Gerrymandering? Be Wary of the Alternatives.

Who Are the Park Police Trying to Please?

McCarthy-Aligned PAC Hauls in Cash For Pro-Impeachment House Republicans

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act Would Foster Neither Innovation Nor Choice

Volodymyr Zelensky, Voice of Reason

Walking the Election Fraud Beat

There Are Better Ways to Make College Affordable

The World as We Know It

The End of Affirmative Action?

Iran’s Heir Apparent and a Divided Diaspora

Christians, Too, Must Oppose ‘Great Replacement Theory’

Does the Future Face New Enemies?

The Coca-Cola Ad You've Never Seen

Deputy Editor, The Morning Dispatch

How U.S. Nonprofits Funnel Money to Islamist Extremists in Pakistan

As Americans Consider Evacuating, Ukrainians Prepare for a Fight

Don’t Forget the Immunocompromised

(Mis)measuring the Shoplifting Crisis

Kevin McCarthy Pushes Back on Latest Move to Oust Liz Cheney From House GOP

Joe Biden Needs a Sister Souljah Moment

The Post-Post-JCPOA World

The Scramble to Resettle Allies from Afghanistan

Race-Based Allocation of COVID Therapies Is a Problem

Germany’s New Government Makes a Naïve Push for a European Federation

Thank Goodness for Phony Passion

Biden’s Year of Underachievement on Health Care

Momentum Builds for Limiting Lawmakers’ Investments

How to Understand the Supreme Court’s Masking Kerfuffle

The Last March Against Roe?

Deconstructing Dino

Theranos' Third Man

Two Incumbents, One District, and a Big Headache for the GOP

Why the Standard Tools of Foreign Policy Are Failing

A Year of Unforced Errors for Biden in the Middle East

How Al-Qaeda Facilitates Attacks From Within Prisons

Biden’s Spending Agenda: A Year of Red Ink

Biden’s Record on Dealing With Dictators, One Year In

The Dangers of the Voter Turnout Myth

Biden’s Higher Education Agenda, One Year In

In North Carolina Redistricting, It’s Madison Cawthorn vs. the GOP

Biden’s Misguided Blame Game on Iran

What the Voting Rights Act Does—and Doesn't—Do

‘Scream’ is Tedious, Glorified Fan Fiction

Biden's Family Agenda, One Year In

The Little Country That Could Be a Big Help Fighting Terror and Extremism

This Is Not How Holocaust Education Was Supposed to Work

Making Concessions to Putin Will Only Whet His Appetite for More

Now Is Not the Time to Meddle in School Disciplinary Policy

Vocal Minorities vs. the Exhausted Majority

What the New Right Is Getting Wrong

News Needs Less Heat, More Humility

In Defense of Elitist Film Criticism

Xi Jinping Strengthens His Grip Over Chinese Media

No, Putin Has Not Backed Himself Into a Corner on Ukraine

January 6 and the Consequences of Disinformation

What It Was Like to Be Inside the Capitol on January 6

The Brutal Resilience of Kim Jong-un’s Regime

‘Don’t Look Up’ Doesn’t Land

Stop Calling It a Riot

On January 6, Two Parties but Many Sides

The Most Authentic Republican in America

Eyes Wide Shut is an Essential Holiday Classic