Department of Justice

Merger Madness

New guidelines from the Justice Department and FTC seek to revive discredited legal doctrines.

AI Infiltrates the 2024 Race

Plus: IRS whistleblowers testify before Congress on the Hunter Biden probe.

Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty

Some Republicans are lambasting the plea agreement as a ‘slap on the wrist.’

The Art of the Deal

An opportune moment for Trump to plead guilty.

Republican Senators Split on DOJ’s Trump Indictment

While some dismiss the charges out of hand, others focus on the gravity of the allegations without weighing in on their merit.

A Corrupt Bargain

Should the DOJ drop charges in exchange for Trump dropping out of the race?

Trump’s Indictment and the Unknown

Plus: The other Republican candidates’ wide-ranging responses.

Biden’s Lost Documents May Mean More GOP Investigations

As a special counsel investigates whether Biden mishandled classified Obama-era documents, Republicans pledge more oversight.