Dispatch Live: One Week Until Election Day

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The One Number That Matters Most: Real Wages

Americans have taken their biggest inflation-adjusted pay cut in about a quarter-century.

Stirewaltisms: Presenting Your 2022 House Race Ratings

An upward revision for the GOP points to some breathing room for the red team.

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The Battle Between Brazil’s Familiar Faces

Voters in South America’s largest country face a stark choice in Sunday’s presidential election: A Dispatch Explainer.

What Happens If Election Chiefs Don’t Trust Elections?

'Stop the Steal’ proponents are running for secretary of state positions in battleground states.

The Sweep: DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney Faces Mounting Criticism

Plus: How to read the Election Night tea leaves.

A Bout Time

Three clashes that will define politics in 2023.

Stirewaltisms: Presenting Your 2022 Gubernatorial Race Ratings

Democrats have a better map, but Republicans have a better climate.

A Rare Left-Coast Opportunity for the GOP

‘In some ways, Republicans are due for a win in Oregon.’

Party Last

What Trump and Liz Cheney have in common.

Stacey Abrams Challenges the Pro-Democracy Left

The Democratic Party’s most prominent election denier deserves to lose.

‘Roevember’ Is Canceled

Time for a midterm vibe check.

Kemp 2024?

If only.

Gaming Out Midterm Momentum

Think of the election as a football game.

Our Best Stuff From the Week We Got a Makeover

New look, same great content.