Iowa Caucuses

A Classless Society, Indeed 

America is taking an increasingly quick trip from authenticity to having no class.

Politics by the Numbers Is Not Enough 

Neither polls nor demography can really tell candidates or journalists what will end up working.

Why Iowa Still Matters

‘Iowa is basically testing the waters for the rest of the country,’ state GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann tells The Dispatch.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis Dominate GOP Fundraising

Plus: A preview of today’s social conservative cattle call in Iowa.

Iowa Swing Marks Ron DeSantis’ Opening Salvo

The Republican showcases his campaign strategy.

Ron DeSantis’ Most Important Iowa Pal

Plus: Nikki Haley raises money and impresses Republicans in Connecticut.

In Iowa, Ron DeSantis Shops Retail (for Votes) 

The typically standoffish GOP contender warms to personal politicking.

Pence Allies Launch Super PAC Ahead of White House Bid

The political operation will focus on messaging and ground games in early primary states.

DeSantis Plants a Flag in Iowa

Plus: Trump cancels his Des Moines rally, but his Iowa devotees remain committed.

Stirewaltisms: Iowa Down, But Not Out

Three years ago today the political world watched in horror as the Iowa Democratic Caucuses turned into a high-tech wreck.