Republican Party

Are Republicans Ready for Change Yet?

The party is badly out of step with the electorate.

Be Careful What You Covet

The wrong desires can drive you to ignore good advice and your own conscience.

Kook Waterloo

Election denialism might be fading.

Mitch McConnell Comes Out on Top

The Senate minority leader predicted he would retain leadership of Senate Republicans despite a challenge from Rick Scott. He was right.

House Republicans Choose Their Fighter

Plus: Will moderates flex any muscle? And a look at Democrats’ debt ceiling calculus.

Ditch Mitch?

A handful of GOP senators want to delay Wednesday’s party leadership vote, but they have yet to offer an alternative to Mitch McConnell.

Dispatch Live: Trump and GOP Leadership Fights

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A Blow Against the Malice Theory of American Politics

It turns out it’s hard to escape the need to inspire and persuade.

Donald Trump Built This

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Why Don’t Republicans Win in Big Cities?

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Democracy Was on the Ballot

Too late?

I’ll Pass on This Glorious Revolution

Such talk is fundamentally unserious and fundamentally immature.

We Do Have a Democracy Problem

John Adams was right when he warned about having too much of it.

Fact Checking Claims That Republicans Want to ‘Abandon Ukraine’

A tweet from the Lincoln Project is misleading.

Everyone Loves A Freak

Why partisans flock to public figures who play against type.

Molting Hawks

Will isolationists dominate the 2024 Republican field?