Republican Primary

Ron DeSantis Donors Upbeat About Third-Quarter Fundraising

Next up? Convincing unaffiliated donors he can beat Trump.

The ‘Draft Youngkin’ Conspiracy

When the truth hurts too much.

Can Nikki Haley Be the Consensus Candidate—And Will It Matter?

Plus: Joe Biden goes on the offensive against Republicans, and Rep. Mike Gallagher on the GOP field.

Cutting Bait on DeSantis

Is it time?

Politics by the Numbers Is Not Enough 

Neither polls nor demography can really tell candidates or journalists what will end up working.

Mike Pence Plants His Flag at the ‘Unbridgeable Divide’

His fight for the survival of the GOP.

The Election Nobody Wants

Despite low favorability ratings, a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 is looking more and more likely.

The No-Values Party

The modern Republican Party has no principles, but plenty of contradictions and incoherence.

Leopards Eating People’s Faces

Turns out populists have faces too.

A Constitutional Crisis of Confidence

Why so much emphasis on disqualifying Trump rather than defeating him?

GOP Candidates Wobble on Trump (Again)

Despite months to prepare, Republican presidential hopefuls still knocked off-balance by Trump debate questions.

Our Best Stuff From the Week of the First Debate

Plus, F-16s to Ukraine and a debate about Trump and the 14th Amendment.

Kevin Williamson Moderates the GOP Debate

And the atmosphere is electric.

Will DeSantis Stay on the Attack Against Trump?

It might be more truth-telling than Republican voters want to hear.

Listless Vessels

Will Ron DeSantis be punished for telling the truth?

Can Trump Afford a Debate No-Show?

There are downsides to skipping, and downsides to showing up.