Social Media

Llamas, Life Online, and Lessons Learned

How the news media followed social media mobs into the darkest corners of political life.

  • Legal

Social Media Platforms and the ‘Common Carrier’ Question

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether social media companies should be regulated like utilities.

Let Parents, Not Politicians, Keep Kids Safe Online

Regulating social media behavior for kids runs into privacy trade-offs most Americans won’t tolerate.

‘Saltburn’ and the Allure of Social Media Influence

The film’s scathing critique of unchecked ambition applies to politics in the TikTok era.

The Thanksgiving Table Is Not Your Personal Stage

Choose gratitude over performative politics this holiday.

A Different Kind of Identity Politics

Nikki Haley vs. anonymous speech.

  • World

Hamas’ Online War

How disinformation from the terrorist group and its backers reaches millions daily.

Senate Advances Kids’ Online Safety and Privacy Bills—Again

Plus: Congress reacts to another Trump indictment as the House GOP investigates the Bidens.

Apocalypse Now

Is catastrophism harder on liberal teens than conservative ones?

The COPPA Cops

American teens’ declining mental health prompts a bipartisan push to regulate kids’ use of social media.

The Impossible Task of ‘Fixing’ Twitter

A video explainer from The Dispatch.

What’s So Wrong With Helping?

How a cult of victimhood tries to stamp out good deeds.

Defeating China and Saving Democracy

It’s going to be a busy year.

How the Supreme Court Could Reshape Social Media

Internet companies might lose some protection from legal liability for user-generated content.