Trump Investigations

Our Best Stuff From the Week the Trump Indictment Came Down

The legal implications, the political implications, and how his base might react.

Remember, You Asked For This

Five ways to think about the Trump indictment.

A Lot of Hot Air

Everyone is reacting predictably to Trump’s indictment even before we know the actual charges.

The Trump Indictment Danger

The move may cut a meandering path through the law to punish an unpopular former president.

Voters Will Have the Final Say on Alvin Bragg

Will the Manhattan district attorney come to regret his investigation of Donald Trump?

Deities and Demigods

The Manhattan district attorney tries to play Nemesis to the lawless Trump gang.

An AI-generated image of Trump via @EliotHiggins on Twitter.

Fact Check: Photos of Donald Trump Being Arrested Are Fake

The images were generated using artificial intelligence software.

Fact Check: What Did Ron DeSantis Say About Donald Trump’s Potential Extradition? 

The Florida governor indicated that his office would not involve itself.

The (Possible) Charges Against Donald Trump, Explained

The Manhattan district attorney’s case likely would rely on tenuous legal reasoning.

The Real Problem With the Manhattan DA’s Case Against Trump

Relegating political questions to the legal system lets the former president cast himself as a victim.

Meddling Toward Justice

The House GOP shouldn’t interfere in Alvin Bragg’s folly.