Trump Secured the 2024 GOP Nomination Three Years Ago Today

A look back at the failed impeachment vote that paved the way for a Trump redux.

Colorado Kicks Trump Off the Ballot

The controversial decision held that the 14th Amendment renders the former president ineligible to run for reelection.

Trump’s ‘Poisonous’ Campaign Rhetoric

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364 Days and Counting

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A Trumped-Up Tuesday

Plus: House dysfunction is hurting U.S. weapons stockpiles.

Embellishment or Fraud? That is the Question

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The UAW Strike Continues

An ongoing work stoppage at U.S. auto plants is testing the strength of Biden’s coalition.

Time to Step Aside?

Questions about Biden’s 2024 bid are mounting—among Democrats.

The Election Nobody Wants

Despite low favorability ratings, a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 is looking more and more likely.

If Life Was a Movie

A weird trick that helps me identify the real-world protagonists.

Previewing the First Republican Primary Debate of the Cycle

With Trump out, GOP candidates scramble to make the Fox News-hosted event mean something.

Federal Reserve Pauses Rate Hikes

Plus: A rare staff editorial.