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The Dispatch is worth so so much!!!  It is balanced, erudite, and meaningful!!  I promise you will not be disappointed if you are willing to be a learner and have a discerning mind, not made up in advance, but willing to listen and learn!!

Marcia L.

Just when I think the entire world has lost their minds I read David French and feel … hope.

Dispatch Member

I was a paying member of The Dispatch from when it was first offered and I have never been sorry for spending the money. I consider The Dispatch a premier newsletter that treats both sides fairly and delivers the news without prejudice. I know I can count on The Dispatch to fact check their news before posting it online. Thank you for giving me a credible, reliable news source every day. 

Ellen E.

My day starts with a cup of coffee and reading The Morning Dispatch. The broad variety of podcasts and articles make you a must stop for me every day. 

Bill K.

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