Private Affairs

What Congress’ latest online privacy proposal overlooks.

Cheer Up, Millennials

It’s time we retired the millennial misery myth.

U.K. Report Calls into Question Youth Gender-Transition Treatments

‘For most young people, a medical pathway will not be the best way to manage their gender-related distress.’

The Problem With Biden’s ‘Don’t’ Doctrine

The president’s emphasis on de-escalation ignores that geopolitical instability didn’t start on October 7.

Emerging From a Long Pandemic Hangover

The murder rate and traffic deaths are decreasing, and drug overdoses appear to be leveling off.

How a National Digital ID System Could Improve the Internet

But is the federal government up to the challenge?

More Wealth-Tax Madness

Why fiscal policy is best left to municipalities.

What’s Behind Recent ‘Squatters’ Rights’ Disputes?

In some places, the competing interests of tenants and landlords are out of balance.

Our Best Stuff From the Week Donald Trump Roiled the Abortion Debate

The presumptive Republican nominee said policy should be left to the states—until Arizona all but banned the procedure altogether.

Trump’s Toxic Touch

Even his relatively moderate positions are ultimately grotesque.

The Moving Goal Posts of the Net Neutrality Debate

The history of network neutrality shows regulating internet traffic has never been a fixed policy.

House Divided Over Surveillance Authority

Republican lawmakers (at least temporarily) tank an effort to reauthorize a key national security tool.

Getting the ‘China Shock’ Right

The political narrative has eclipsed the actual economics, and that’s a policy problem today.

Biden Takes Another Swing at Student Debt Cancellation

The president tries to make good on a campaign promise.

Old Lessons for the New Right

What a Depression-era farm program gone awry shows about the limits of federal power.

Video: Janet Yellen’s Trip to China

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.