Eating Better (a Lot Better) Than Kings

How we arrived at this delicious state of affairs.

Right Back Where We Started From

A wild few days at OpenAI exposed fault lines in the world of tech.

An Increasingly Unsustainable Stalemate on Immigration

Democrats don’t want to talk about it. Republicans only want to talk about it.

Disregard for the Constitution? That’s on Us.

From the Electoral College to the Senate, reforms to our founding charters are possible without amendments.

Over the River and Through the Recession

Despite the malaise, the U.S. economy continues to defy expectations.

The Importance of Rebuilding the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’

The U.S. can aid Ukraine and Israel at the same time—for now. But the long-term outlook is less certain.

Smells Like Teen Solitude

Smartphone and parenting trends have pushed off major life milestones.

The National Guard Is Not the Answer to the Migrant Crisis

It’s not only profoundly unwise, it could alienate Americans against the armed forces.

Understanding the Dawn of the Artificial General Intelligence Era

The Sam Altman saga reflects deep industry divisions over the speed and safety of AGI development.

Rep. George Santos Faces Expulsion

Plus: The Democratic schism over Israel.

Of Hamas and Historical Ignorance

We’re seeing the consequences of deemphasizing knowledge and facts in K-12 education.

U.S. Oversight of Ukraine Aid, Explained

Where does it come from and where does it go?

What, Exactly, Should Israel Do?

A sincere question for those who think Israel shouldn’t respond to Hamas.

A Clear-Eyed Look at Our Demographic Future

An aging U.S. population presents real, but manageable, challenges—if we’re willing to act.

Rung by Rung

Speaker Mike Johnson’s ‘laddered’ continuing resolution passes the House with bipartisan support.

House Approves Mike Johnson’s Stopgap Funding Bill

Congress is poised to avert Friday’s government shutdown deadline.