Zelensky’s Whirlwind U.S. Tour

The Ukrainian president faces resistance as he makes the case for continued support.

Ukraine Keeps Fighting While Its Allies Ponder More Support

Volodymyr Zelensky’s U.S. visit comes as Ukraine notches small victories on the front lines.

Israel’s Less-Than-Secret War Against the Iranian Nuclear Program

A new book details the tactical success of Mossad’s efforts against the Islamic Republic.

Israel’s Looming Constitutional Crisis

Debates over the Supreme Court’s role expose deep societal fissures, including between the religious and secular.

A Rogue State Visit

A look at Kim Jong Un’s trip to Russia.

Israel’s Multifront War on Terror

The embattled country is leading the fight against Iranian-sponsored terrorism in the Middle East.

One Earth, One Family, One Future

Takeaways from this weekend’s G20 summit in New Delhi.

Another African Coup Threatens Regional Stability

‘Military juntas are terrible at governance.’

Ukraine Looks Long-Range and Long-Term

To bring the fight to Russia, Kyiv eyes building up its own defense industry.

Hopeless in Haiti

‘It’s the worst it’s ever been in the last … probably 50 years.’

A Pivotal Moment for Ukraine

The counteroffensive grinds on, but U.S. support could be on the verge of drying up.

Israel Missed Its Moment

It might have had a chance to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions a few years ago, but the Middle East has changed.

Africa After Yevgeny Prigozhin

The mercenary leader’s death gives the Russian government an opportunity to wield more power and influence in Africa.

The Death of a Russian Warlord

Two months after a failed mutiny, Yevgeny Prigozhin appears to be no more.

A Rival Economic Bloc Grows

Several nations receive invitations to join BRICS.

China’s Ticking Time Bomb

After decades of unprecedented economic growth, the CCP seems on the verge of a new era.