Uncomfortably Numb

Trump’s getting worse. Not enough people care.

Donald Trump Tests the Iowa Evangelical Faithful

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Barreling Toward a Shutdown

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Trump Goes Looking for the Union Label

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Speaker Gaetz

Maybe not the worst outcome.

Uniform Stupidity

Our institutions are so weak that they cannot tell anyone to grow up and play by the rules.

A Looming Shutdown Threatens Republicans in Virginia

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Cutting Bait on DeSantis

Is it time?

Against Slobs

Craving decorum in an unserious age.

Politics of Principle, Politics of Power

And what happens when you forgo the former for the latter.

Donald Trump Puts Pro-Lifers on the Back Foot

Plus: A cold war between two Florida congressmen previews a possible Florida governor primary in 2026.

Video: Kevin Williamson and David French Take Your Questions

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House Republicans Saddle Up for More Chaos

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Could McCarthy Really Pull Off Impeaching Biden?

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The ‘Mean to Mitt’ Theory

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