There are plenty of job openings, but not enough takers.
Can the GOP survive Trump’s never-ending obsession with himself?
A tale of two speeches.
Former Congressmen Burn Down the HouseListen now (65 min) | Former Rep. Dan Lipinski, Democrat from the Chicago area, and Reid Ribble, Republican from Wisconsin, join Sarah and Steve about …
Plus: The Heritage Foundation announces Kevin Roberts as its new president.
The Dispatch Staff
The Curious Case of Jailing ChildrenListen now | On today’s episode, we get a Supreme Court update from Sarah and not one but two entire Ted Talks from David. They cover a very obscure (y…
Mutually Assured DerangementListen now (103 min) | In light of the reaction to his call for anti-Trump conservatives to form a third party, Jonah invites Michael Brendan Dougherty…
It’s time to start thinking hard about a new conservative party.
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