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What Our Members Say:

“Quality writing from a center-right perspective and a home where the politically homeless, like me, can congregate.”

Chris B.

“The Dispatch came along when I was desperate for reasoned analysis mixed in with fun. Thank all of you for restoring my faith that there are still voices out there with which I can connect.”

Shelley H.

“You have made a perfect publication. As an early days subscriber, I must thank you for exceeding my expectations. ... This is my go-to every day and I know I can trust you.”

Kate S.

“Every time I need compelling and interesting political analysis, I turn to The Dispatch. It’s absolutely phenomenal and never disappoints.”

Phil E.

“I love The Dispatch. I love the people at The Dispatch. I’ve said it elsewhere but I’ll say it again: The Dispatch is on my list of priorities, just above lunch.”

John W.

“I appreciate how little partisanship plays a role in how events are judged by The Dispatch.”

Joe P.

“The Dispatch is a model of responsible journalism, in contrast to the hysteria-mongering news outlets on both the left and right.”

Deborah D.

“The Dispatch keeps getting more valuable. $10 really is a bargain compared to most Substack newsletters.”

Todd T.

“The more people read The Dispatch the better things will be.”

Constance K.

“I was a paying member of The Dispatch from when it was first offered and I have never been sorry for spending the money.”

Ellen E.

The Dispatch is by far the best subscription I’ve made. Well worth it to get reliable, insightful, and impartial commentary and analysis. Highly recommend.

Jim C.

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