A photo being widely circulated is of another individual altogether.
The Vast Mermaid ConspiracyListen now (81 min) | Has the 1 percent really rigged the economy? Why do Argentinians believe the Vatican is hiding aliens? And finally, what’s the de…
Jonah Goldberg
Plus, a modest proposal regarding Trump’s Twitter account.
David French
How Do You Square a Circle?Listen now (74 min) | The president has a new social media executive order. What happens if Trump loses in November, but doesn't want to leave? Qualifi…
David French and Sarah Isgur
Plus, the House holds its first proxy vote.
The Dispatch Staff
He golfed during the weekend but not on the holiday itself.
Alec Dent
Whether Trump likes it or not, he's running against Joe Biden.
Jonah Goldberg
20 Hours on TwitterListen now (68 min) | Sarah and the guys discuss the president's threats to crack down on Twitter, Joe Biden's ‘Breakfast Club’ controversy, the death …
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