Presidents Day, Meet Black History Month

Remembering an exchange between George Washington and the poet Phillis Wheatley.

The ‘Greatness’ Gimmick

Rankings and honors are just popularity contests.

Apple’s Vision Pro Doesn’t Augment Reality—It Sacrifices It

This is not a medium for serious, adult human interaction.

Can People Be Persuaded to ‘Get Married’? 

Brad Wilcox’s new book wagers that a marriage-skeptical culture can see the upshots of tying the knot.

Tony Soprano: Father, Killer

On its 25th anniversary, a look at how an episode of ‘The Sopranos’ managed to both relate with and repel its audience.

Politics Wasn’t Meant to be Loved

On Valentine’s Day, consider how curiosity, friendship, and beauty can curb an obsession with politics.

A Shepherd of Wolves

Our sacralizing tendency assimilates every issue into a spiritualized conflict of visions that is ultimately not about policy but about identity.

A Grand First Draft

George Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ at 100.

‘Mean Girls’ and the Evolution of Girlhood

The recent reboot lets a different protagonist tell a new coming-of-age story.

Victimhood via Footnote

The emerging ‘citational justice’ movement in academia is an affront to critical thinking.

The Problem With Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Comeback

The timeslot might be the same, but the political comedy landscape has changed dramatically.

‘Groundhog Day,’ a Parable

Every generation is a Phil Connors, tasked with figuring out the right way to live.

Look What You Made Me Do

On being compelled to write about Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and ‘psy ops.’

New Book Club Episode: Killers of the Flower Moon

Sarah and Jonah discuss the movie adaptation of David Grann's best-selling book.

See You Next Time, ‘Better Call Saul’

Forgotten by the Emmys, here’s why Vince Gilligan’s show should be remembered.

Heavy Is the Head

Eliot Cohen’s ‘The Hollow Crown’ intertwines Shakespearean insights with the history of statesmen, past and present.