If You Get ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,’ You Get The Smiths

Forty years later, Caligula would still blush.

Flannery O’Connor’s Salvific Intervention

‘Wildcat’ reminds us that true faith isn’t a big electric blanket.

Maybe We Shouldn’t Take College Protests at Face Value

A prominent social scientist found the ‘60s student movement had more to do with parents than politics.

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The Therapeutization of American Childhood

In ‘Bad Therapy,’ Abigail Shrier shows how counterproductive versions of talk therapy became commonplace.

Pretending to Be Something Better

College students need mentors who will show them how to be grown-ups.

Arendt Chic

Lyndsey Stonebridge’s ‘We Are Free to Change the World’ dumbs down the iconic 20th-century writer.

‘Franklin’ and the Ideals of the Revolution

The new miniseries explores American identity through the Founding Father’s eight-year diplomatic mission in France.

Check Your Privilege

Settler colonialism, progressive-style.

Rocky Loses

And it’s no small thing.

Brando Unmatched

The legendary actor left a mark in both film history and an industry fraught with self-regard.

A Futurist’s Answer to Doom and Gloom

‘A Brief History of the Future’ bets technology can turn around our cultural malaise.

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous Not to Know

Lord Byron's life and poetry remain astounding.

The Meaninglessness Is the Point

‘Civil War’ is not a partisan film for a partisan era—it’s a meditation on war.

Caitlin Clark’s Salary Isn’t an Injustice

It’s the economic reality of playing in front of 4,067 people in Indianapolis.

Welcome to Mars, Jonathan Haidt

How ‘The Anxious Generation’ stumbles into a hidden problem at the heart of American childhood.