The Morning Dispatch

An essential daily news roundup, TMD includes a brief look at important stories of the day and original reporting and analysis from The Dispatch team, along with recommendations for deeper reading and some much-needed humor in these often fraught times.

A Blazing Jobs Report in an Odd Economic Moment

Unemployment just hit its lowest level in more than half a century.

Ron DeSantis Bests College Board

The College Board revised its African American Studies course after pushback spearheaded by the Florida governor.

Emmanuel Macron’s Pension Problem

Workers are taking to the streets by the millions to oppose a plan to raise France’s retirement age.

The FBI Eyes One of Its Own

Prosecutors allege former counterintelligence agent Charles McGonigal took large sums of money from foreign nationals.

Tyre Nichols’ Death Renews Calls for Police Reform

As new details of the violent arrest emerge, lawmakers weigh what can be done at the federal level.

Ukraine’s Fight Against Corruption

Plus: Introducing Dispatch Politics, our newest newsletter offering.

‘When Everything is Classified, Nothing is Classified’

Recent document security breaches bring attention to America’s over-classification problem.

The Turkish Roadblock to an Expanded NATO

Sweden and Finland still want to join the alliance, but Turkey stands squarely in the way.

Ticketmaster Faces the Music

Senators accused the ticket giant and its owner, Live Nation, of monopolistic practices.

So Long, Ron Klain

Biden prepares to navigate the remainder of his term and a reelection campaign without his longtime aide.

Breaking the ‘Paper Ceiling’

In a tight labor market, many U.S. employers are dropping four-year college degree requirements.

The Tank Debate Rolls On

Germany continues to hold up transfers of Western-made battle tanks to Ukraine.

China’s Looming Demographic Crisis

Beijing reported population decline for the first time in decades—the long-term economic impact could prove painful.

Understanding the Debt Ceiling Debate

Lawmakers gear up for yet another fight over raising the debt limit.

DOJ Appoints Another Special Counsel

Former prosecutor Robert Hur will head the investigation into Biden’s classified documents case.

MLK on the Emancipation Proclamation

“All Americans must enlist in a crusade finally to make the race question an ugly relic of a dark past.”