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U.S.-Japan Summit Addresses Chinese Threat in the Indo-Pacific

Biden continues to build coalitions of the willing in Asia.

House Divided Over Surveillance Authority

Republican lawmakers (at least temporarily) tank an effort to reauthorize a key national security tool.

Biden Takes Another Swing at Student Debt Cancellation

The president tries to make good on a campaign promise.

Trump Backs State-by-State Abortion Legislation

The former president tries to thread post-Roe needle, but faces rebukes from some pro-life advocates.

Israeli Inquiry into Aid Worker Deaths Reveals ‘Internal Failures’

Strikes that killed seven World Central Kitchen staff spur U.S. and Israeli policy changes.

Yellen Heads to China

Is the U.S. in for a ‘China Shock 2.0’?

Zelensky Lowers Military Conscription Age in Ukraine

In dire need of materiel from the United States, Ukrainians are adapting.

Strike In Syria Kills Top Iranian Commander

Could this alleged Israeli attack open a new chapter in Iran’s proxy wars?

One Week Since the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse

Questions remain over how much rebuilding the bridge will cost—and who will foot the bill.

Evan Gershkovich Marks One Year in Russian Prison

The Wall Street Journal reporter’s arrest shines a light on Americans detained around the world.

Julian Assange Gets A(nother) Day in Court

Plus: Steve, Sarah, Jonah, and David French weigh in on Ronna McDaniel’s ouster from NBC News and the purpose of political pundits.

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Mifepristone Case

The suit over abortion pill regulations seems likely to hinge on standing, not substance.

Deadly Attack In Russia Brings Islamic Terrorism to the Fore 

An Islamic State affiliate is gaining strength in Central Asia.

The DOJ Sues Apple for Alleged Antitrust Violations

Is Apple’s “ecosystem” anti-competitive or good business?

Congress Finally Funds the Government

The controversial funding package could put Speaker Mike Johnson’s gavel at risk.

Fueling the Electric Vehicle Transition

A final rule from the EPA adjusts the timeline for the auto industry’s transition to electric vehicles.