Is That ‘Definitely Trump’ Posing as an Anonymous Poll Worker in a Laura Ingraham Interview?

No. It’s satire.

A viral social media post showing Fox News host Laura Ingraham interviewing someone who is said to be an anonymous Nevada poll worker is overlaid with text that reads: “this is definitely Trump.”

The video, which has been altered and meant to be understood as satire, is not of President Trump. The video was originally tweeted Wednesday by performer Nick Lutsko, who edited old audio of Trump over a real interview with Ingraham and an anonymous poll worker. 

As people on Twitter have pointed out, the sound of cameras clicking away in the background suggests that the altered audio was taken from one of Trump’s earlier press conferences. 

While many on social media knew the video was meant to be satirical, others interpreted it as real. 

Shortly after Lutsko tweeted the altered video, he posted the following, clarifying that the video was indeed “a very obvious joke.”

In reality, Ingraham interviewed an anonymous female poll worker in Nevada who claimed to have seen voter fraud. 

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