Kevin D. Williamson

Kevin D. Williamson is a national correspondent for The Dispatch.

Kevin D. Williamson

What New York Housing Shortage?

A few sentences in the New York Times are more instructive than usual.


Donald Trump is calling for protests once again.

Joe Exotic for President: Why Not? 

The convicted felon is the candidate we need and the leader we deserve.

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SVB relied too much and for too long on low-risk, low-interest investments.

Funny Thing About Louisville

Why are Democrats so bad at running cities?

Celebrating Our Differences

And how, sometimes, rules can help protect diversity.

The War on Poets

For tyrants, it’s not enough to just go after journalists.

When the Truth Takes a Back Seat

Perverse incentives are warping the profession of journalism.

Red, Blue, and Green

No comeback for Caligula.

Is Netanyahu Too Democratic?

The debate over Israeli judicial reform exposes a flawed understanding of majority rule.