Sep 30, 2021 • 1HR 5M

Selling Out

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Scott Lincicome, The Dispatch’s resident expert on all things free and economic, returns to The Remnant for a distinctly wonky discussion of tariffs, taxes, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Jonah and Scott tackle our most pressing regulatory questions. Is corporate personhood a legitimate concept? Has Biden undone any of Trump’s protectionist measures? And will supply chain shortages deprive us all of Tickle Me Elmos this Christmas? There’s also a bit about boar-cobra hybrids enslaving humanity, but you’ll have to listen to fully understand.

Show Notes:

-Scott’s Capitolism newsletter

-“Unfair and absurd”

-Scott on the exciting world of corporate tax rates

-Econ 101 with Peter Suderman

-“Human beings, my friend.”

-China’s energy crisis

-Christmas who?

-Britain braces for the end times

-Scott on America’s ports problem

-Scott’s love affair with the Jones Act

-The parley in Pittsburgh

-We need to talk about tariffs

-Wild boars reclaim the Roman Empire

-Otters annex Alaska