Despots and Boomsticks

Charles C.W. Cooke, senior writer at National Review and Anglo-Floridian golf cart enthusiast, returns to The Remnant for another round of exceptionally rank punditry on Joe Biden’s dismal first year in office. Before assuming the presidency, Biden made some big promises that he hasn’t been able to keep. But is his problem that he refuses to adjust to political circumstances, or that he’s simply a hack who was never qualified for the job in the first place? Mixing hearty debate with vigorous agreement, Jonah and Charlie discuss this question at length, while also touching on mandatory voting, the perils of public opinion, and how thrilled we should be to live in a moment where journalists and politicians can regularly insult each other. Oh, and Charlie also can’t resist rambling about firearms.

Show Notes:

Charlie’s page at National Review

Charlie on Biden’s year of failure

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