Marginal Revolutionaries

Alex Tabarrok, perhaps the world’s sole Canadian libertarian, joins The Remnant today for the first time. Inflation is on the rise, the vaccine rollout is stalling, and illiberalism is resurgent. In other words, there are plenty of demanding issues for Americans to be concerned about. Thankfully, Tabarrok has a range of considered policy solutions for Jonah to explore. How can we revitalize democracy? Would open borders work? And should we abandon advanced civilization now before the machines destroy us all?

Show Notes:

Alex’s website

“Inflation, no chance …”

Jonah on the wackiness of vaccine paranoia

Newsmax outcrazies itself

The Mayor Quimby of anti-vaxxers

Jonah on the importance of character

Ezra Klein on the good old days

Alex’s case for open borders

“Born American, but in the Wrong Place”

The Baumol effect

Home Economics, by Nick Shulz

The elite master’s degrees that don’t pay off

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