The Oklahoman Empire

The vox populi has been heard, so we went with a listener-suggested guest on this episode of The Remnant. Kyle Harper is an incredibly knowledgeable historian of the Roman Empire who specializes in the origins of Christianity, but that doesn’t quite do him justice. As Jonah (or, Jonas Magnus) discovers, he’s effectively a polymath who knows about everything from the gnostics to the history of infectious disease – which is, uh, convenient? Watch out for his Oklahoma nationalism, though; he might be trying to annex the rest of the country.

Show Notes:

The deep human history of respiratory viruses

Kyle’s latest book, The Fate of Rome

Hunter-gatherers as the “original affluent society”

Romans were short

Calvin Coolidge’s son

Tacitus: “they make a desert and call it peace.”

Michael Munger on EconTalk, speaking to the ideological history of slavery

Jamelle Bouie’s argument about the Enlightenment and racism

“Climate essentialism” in Hippocrates

Let’s all move to Oklahoma

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