The Sweep: Does Harris Help or Hurt?

Campaign Quick Hits

Cash rules everything around me: The Biden campaign announced Friday it had raised $48 million in the 48 hours after announcing Sen. Kamala Harris had joined the ticket. That’s about a third of the total the campaign raised in the entire month of July. 

The cake is baked: According to a new CBS News poll, 96 percent of likely voters say their minds are made up about who to vote for this year. That same poll has Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 10 points with only 2 percent undecided. In 2016, the same poll showed 11 percent of voters were still undecided or likely to change their minds before election day in a 4-point race.

NeverTrump leading in the polls: Asked why they supported Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 56 percent of registered voters chose “He is not Trump” as their primary reason in a Pew study released last week—nearly triple the next most popular reason, “leadership/performance” (19 percent). As Amy Walter from Cook Political Report put it, “If Biden wins he would come into office without any sort of political or policy mandate other than being ‘not Trump.’”

A way-too-early look at 2024: Among Republicans, 31 percent of respondents to a recent survey picked Mike Pence as their 2024 nominee—far more than the 17 percent who picked the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and the 11 percent who chose Nikki Haley, the president’s former U.N. ambassador. Interestingly, Tucker Carlson garnered 7 percent in the poll, beating out folks like Sen. Marco Rubio and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. 

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