Nick Catoggio

Nick Catoggio is a staff writer for The Dispatch and writes the newsletter Boiling Frogs. He previously blogged as Allahpundit for Hot Air. ⁣  ⁣  Subscribe to Boiling Frogs here »

Nick Catoggio

School Daze

Ron DeSantis has lost ground with his base of college-educated Republicans.

Soft Landing

How did we avoid a debt ceiling crisis?

High Energy

DeSantis 2024 is off to an encouraging start.

A Show About Nothing

What was the point of the debt-ceiling fight?

Does Anything Matter?

Two thoughts on the Republican primary.

An Unlikely Rout

Republicans are winning the politics of the debt ceiling fight handily.

The Only Candidate With a Nickname

One cheer for DeSantis 2024.


Cable news has never seemed less relevant.

How Tim Scott Wins

He doesn’t. Unless …

Mouse Trap

The treacherous politics of DeSantis versus Disney.