All Rants Lead to Rome

Frank Sinatra once observed that “you’ve either got or you haven’t got style,” but when you’re living out of an RV in the wilds of Iowa—or, for that matter, representing your state in the halls of the US Senate—that doesn’t really matter. Jonah’s still on the road today, but he can’t outrun his existential dread. To drown it out for a while instead, he delivers yet another unfocused, inordinately long Ruminant to end the week. This time, much of his irritation is directed toward the renewed jackassery of Matt Gaetz and the politics of a potential Biden impeachment, but plenty of righteous indignation is also reserved for the Senate’s new dress code and the increasingly shaky prospect of a second Biden term. Plus, tune in to hear Jonah elaborate on why men spend so much time thinking about Rome (almost as much, in fact, as they spend thinking about Nixon).

Show Notes:

Jonah: “Why Rome?”

Mike Duncan’s Revolutions podcast

Jerry Muller’s The Mind and the Market

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