World Events

Joe Biden’s Israel Policy Divides Congress

Some Republicans compare it to Donald Trump withholding aid from Ukraine, but Mitt Romney says there’s no equivalence.

The Thin Line Between Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism

How much—and when—does the distinction matter?

Russia Opens Up New Front in Northeastern Ukraine

‘Every hour this situation moves toward critical.’

Israel on the Defensive as Its Strategy, Both Military and Humanitarian, Is Questioned

The IDF’s Rafah operation begins amid U.S. opposition and Israeli infighting.

State Department Report Says ‘Reasonable to Assess’ Israel Violated International Law

The document doesn’t point to a specific incident in Gaza, but weapons shipments to Israel sit in limbo.

Europe Announces Plan to Use Frozen Russian Assets for Ukraine

‘There could be … no greater use for that money than to make Ukraine and all of Europe a safer place to live.’


On Joe Biden’s questionable retreat from Gaza.

A Plan for Victory in Ukraine

Congress wants a strategy for Ukraine to win, not merely survive. The administration should embrace it.

Israel Orders Evacuation of Eastern Rafah, Begins Targeted Strikes

The weekend may have been a turning point in Israel’s war against Hamas.

The Future Belongs to Them?

‘The People’ being on the side of a cause doesn’t tell you anything about its rightness or goodness.

Georgian Protests Try to Reverse Russian Pivot

The Caucasus nation’s ‘existential choice’ between Russia and the West.

‘As Far as Israel Can Go’

The Israel-Hamas war reaches a crucial crossroads as Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits the region.

U.S. Losing Foothold in Northwestern Africa

‘What’s happening in the Sahel is really an overlap of counterterrorism and Great Power competition.’

The Biggest Electoral Contest in History

This year’s Indian elections have already been marred by violence.

200 Days of Missed Milestones

At Passover, Israeli families await word of their loved ones kidnapped by Hamas.

An Early Morning Strike on Iran

Plus: After first-quarter data came in hotter than expected, the U.S. economy enters uncharted territory.