Federalism for Me, Nationalism for Thee

A.B. Stoddard is a refreshing presence on today’s podcast as she and Jonah delve into starkly rank punditry and a discussion of the eerie intentionality behind Trump’s coronavirus response. In fact, A.B.’s wise words—on Fauci, on Trump’s fantasies, on panicked Texans—leave only a singular major question remaining: will Jonah end up rocking a man bun?

Show Notes:

Steve’s piece on the canceling of Liz Cheney

Jonah’s recent appearance on the Chuck Toddcast

The Washington Post’s reporting of the Trump clan retweeting misleading doctor videos, that have since been deleted

Trump’s weirdly made-up invitation to throw the first pitch for the Yankees?

Jonah on NPR at the crack of dawn on July 28

A.B.’s Bulwark piece on how the Republican Party can’t be reformed from within

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