Chris Stirewalt

Chris Stirewalt is a contributing editor of The Dispatch and senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Read his weekly column here on Mondays and his politics newsletter, Stirewaltisms, on Fridays.

Chris Stirewalt

The Ups and Downs of Biden’s Reelection Campaign

He has the advantage of incumbency, but will that matter if voters believe he’s bad for the economy?

‘Throw Open the Windows of Your Soul to the Sun’

A life well-lived is an important tribute to those who have died to preserve our freedom.

Tim Scott Gets a Leg Up From DeSantis’ Stumble

The senator from South Carolina benefited from excellent timing this week.

Beware the Bachelor

Plus: The DeSantis candidacy that never was.

Tim Keller’s Quiet Revival and My Place Between Two Worlds

The pastor helped millions reclaim a faith that was connected to its past but alive in the present.

What About the Voters, After All?

A new analysis of the midterms explains why Democrats defied expectations.

Blind Oversight

James Comer is trying very hard to tie the president to the investigation of Hunter Biden.

Trump Raises the Rent on Republicans

He’s back in fighting form, and party members are rushing to clean up after him.

Dems’ Perilous Underestimation of Trump

He repels swing voters, but he isn’t unelectable.

The Content Trap

As long as Donald Trump draws an audience, the media will keep focusing on him.