Chris Stirewalt

Chris Stirewalt is a contributing editor at The Dispatch, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, the politics editor for NewsNation, co-host of the Ink Stained Wretches podcast, and author of Broken News, a book on media and politics.

Chris Stirewalt

Emerging From a Long Pandemic Hangover

The murder rate and traffic deaths are decreasing, and drug overdoses appear to be leveling off.

Hard Numbers, Hard Spot for GOP on Abortion

The pro-choice contingent of the electorate had been growing since 2010. And then Roe v. Wade fell.

Hillbillies in the Mist

"Treat rural people as people and acknowledge their complexity."

The Brazil-ification of American Politics

Across Latin America, voters have burned out on endless prosecutions of political corruption. Could that happen here?

The Difference Between a Biden Loss and a Trump Win

How to read the latest polling on key swing states.

The Idiotic Astrophysics of Umbrage

A blazing sun of facileness and imbecility burns brightly at the center of our political solar system.

RFK Jr. Turns Left

His choice of running mate shows the independent’s growing danger to Democrats.

About Those Empty Pews

The number of Americans going to church may be declining, but it’s still significant.

GOP Meets Limits to Donald Trump’s Victimhood Appeal

Trump and Republicans are failing to distinguish most voters from MAGA die-hards.

Defund the Speech Police

Both nationalists and progressives keep running into the wall that is the First Amendment.