Chris Stirewalt

Chris Stirewalt is a contributing editor of The Dispatch and senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Read his weekly column here on Mondays and his politics newsletter, Stirewaltisms, on Fridays.

Chris Stirewalt

Biden’s State of the Union Misery Index

Potential primary challengers will be looking for weakness.

Stirewaltisms: Iowa Down, But Not Out

Three years ago today the political world watched in horror as the Iowa Democratic Caucuses turned into a high-tech wreck.

Trump Tries Slogging It Out

He’s lost his crucial advantage from 2016—the ability to surprise.

Stirewaltisms: Aaaaaand They’re Off …

Did you really think 2024 would get off to a slow start?

Post-Roe Reality Sets In

How abortion will affect the presidential primaries.

Stirewaltisms: In Favor of Quitting Loud

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is stepping down.

The End of History 

The solution to our natural biases is a broad, inclusive, and honest study of the past.

Stirewaltisms: Hold on Loosely, But Don’t Let Go

Advice from Paul Ryan to Kevin McCarthy—and everyone else who seeks power.

Biden’s 2024 Tightrope Starts With Border Balancing Act

There are no easy answers, and even simple measures are politically untenable.

Stirewaltisms: Four Lessons From the Ziggy Stardust Caucus

Practical takeaways from an impractical performance.