Mary Trimble

Mary Trimble is a reporter for The Dispatch.

Mary Trimble

Getting ‘Forever Chemicals’ Out of the Water Supply

Plus: Biden vetoes GOP-led bill on ESG investing.

Trumped-Up Charges?

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg appears on the verge of indicting the former president. But should he?

U.S. Getting More Serious About a TikTok Ban

Plus: Grand slams ⚾, Pong 🏓, and a March Madness update 🏀!

French Pension Reform Muscled Through

Facing potential defeat, Macron sidesteps the National Assembly.

American Submarines Headed Down Under

Plus: Last chance to enter the TMD March Madness pool!

Inflation Sticking Around

The Federal Reserve faces twin challenges as prices continue to rise while the banking system wobbles.

Alaskan Oil and National Politics

Plus: The TMD NCAA tournament pool is back!

The Second-Largest Bank Failure In U.S. History

The federal government tries to contain the fallout from Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.

Protests in Georgia

Plus: Protests in Georgia.

A Renewed Push to Designate Mexican Drug Cartels as Terrorist Organizations

Plus: What’s going on with schoolgirls in Iran?