Mary Trimble

Mary Trimble is a reporter for The Dispatch.

Mary Trimble

International Outrage over Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

Critics oppose the African country’s crackdown on homosexuality on both moral and practical grounds.

Nearing the End of the Debt Limit Saga

Plus: Erdoğan wins reelection in Turkey.

Happy Memorial Day

Reflecting on the solemn sacrifices men and women have made for this country.

The Debt Ceiling Clock Ticks On

Plus: Biden taps Gen. Charles “C.Q.” Brown as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

DeSantis Is In

Plus: Russia’s war hits home.

Lawmakers (Re)Introduce Immigration Reform

“Dignity” bill offers migrants legal pathways—if it passes.

Sen. Tim Scott Joins the Race

Plus: Vacant offices spell trouble for commercial real estate.

Leaders Focused on Russia, China at G7 Summit

Plus: Biden administration reverses course on F-16 jets to Ukraine.

The Durham Report

Plus: The Supreme Court punts on tech companies’ Section 230 protections.

Zelensky’s European Tour

With U.S. military aid on the verge of drying up, Ukrainians look elsewhere to shore up their defenses.