Hayek’s Last Gleaming

In what may be one of the most brazenly nerdy Remnant episodes ever recorded (which is really saying a lot) Duke University’s Bruce Caldwell joins the program to discuss the life and work of Friedrich Hayek. Dr. Caldwell, the pope of Hayekian geekdom, recently published the first installment of a two volume biography of the famed economist. Guided by Jonah’s gleeful prompting, he explores how Hayek rose to international prominence, what he was like as a man, and how we should view his great works today. If you woke up feeling all Austrian this morning, it’s a must listen.

Show Notes:

Dr. Caldwell’s page at Duke

Dr. Caldwell’s new book, Hayek: A Life, 1899–1950 

Dr. Caldwell’s intellectual biography of Hayek, Hayek’s Challenge

Hayek: “The Intellectuals and Socialism”

Hayek: “The Use of Knowledge in Society”

Dr. Caldwell on Political Economy with Jim Pethokoukis

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