Relearning the Basics

Jonah attempts to avoid the straitjacket while The Fair Jessica is away, so he decides to spend an hour talking to himself in a dark basement. He goes through a number of topics to make even the most excitable eggheads nauseated, from the fad of stay-at-home girlfriends (why milk the cow ladies?) to Biden’s irresponsible dog ownership. Jonah regains sanity for a second to talk about the Alabama Supreme Court’s IVF ruling before hallucinating about rodents and going gonzo on Tucker’s trip to Russia.

Show Notes:

Stay-at-Home Girlfriends Are Having a Moment

Brad Wilcox on The Remnant

Listen to Advisory Opinions on Alabama’s IVF issue

Biden’s German shepherd banished from the White House

Jonah’s G-File: Nations, Nation-States, and Nationalism

Scott Lincicome: Unfrozen Caveman Tucker

The Lewis brothers on The Remnant

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