Jonathan Schanzer

Jonathan Schanzer
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Jordan Has an Iran Problem. Can Israel and Saudi Arabia Unite to Combat It?

The situation also presents an opportunity for the Biden administration.

A Year of Unforced Errors for Biden in the Middle East

Neo-isolationist trends raise troubling questions about the future of the U.S. commitment to order in the region.

A New Threat to Iron Dome

Precision guided munitions will make Israel’s self-defense more challenging and more expensive.

It’s Time for Biden to Call Netanyahu

He might want to avoid controversy right now, but he can't avoid our most valuable ally in the Middle East.

Biden Should Heed the Concern of Israel and Arab Nations Regarding Iran

A bad deal could empower the chief threat in their region.

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The Biden Agenda: Why ‘Outside-In’ Diplomacy Could Be the Key to Middle East Peace

Would Joe Biden be willing or able to take advantage of the progress made with the Israel-UAE deal?