The Morning Dispatch: Will We Sanction Russian Energy?

Happy Tuesday! Congratulations to Russia for—according to Castellum.AI, an international regulatory compliance agency—officially becoming the most sanctioned country in the world. Ты сделал это, Владимир!

Quick Hits: Today’s Top Stories

  • The United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights reported Monday the number of confirmed civilian casualties in Ukraine has risen to 1,207, including 406 dead and 801 injured. The agency continues to believe the true figures are “considerably higher.”

  • In the Pentagon’s daily background briefing on the war, a senior Defense Department official told reporters the U.S. believes Russian President Vladimir Putin has committed into Ukraine nearly 100 percent of the combat power he had amassed along the two countries’ border in recent months. The official also said Russia launched approximately 125 more missiles in Ukraine over the weekend, and announced Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had ordered the deployment of approximately 500 U.S. troops to Europe to “shore up” NATO defensive capabilities and deterrence.

  • The Dow (-2.4 percent) and S&P 500 (-3 percent) had their worst day of the year on Monday as investors weighed the economic ramifications of war in Ukraine and Western governments signaling an openness to blocking Russian oil imports.

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