The Remnant

No Notes, No Net

No one wants World War III.

Pod Man Out

Do all horses go to heaven?

Pained in Portland

An existential and visual deterioration.

Any Given Doomsday

There's no scientific risk analysis going on here.

Say It Loud

"Elite media is an extension of campus culture."

Hayek’s Last Gleaming

"Why I Am Not A Conservative" essay comes under examination.

Old Ideas

This isn't just a crisis, it's a polycrisis.

The Spinach Wars

Reality has a tendency of intruding on financial models.

Old Man Blues

Cynicism is the only safe harbor for wisdom.

It’s A Gas

Don't make gas stoves a part of your identity.

Noise Annoys

The case for AI.

Dude, Where’s My Flying Car?

The moon is a great place to put a fusion reactor.

Enough Already

The job of the Republican Party is to get more Republicans elected.

The French Roast

Have they elected a speaker yet?

I See You

Sadly, there will be no Hollywood ending.

Every Day I’m Shoveling

Here's to a great (or at least better) new year.