The Remnant

Tucker Carlson, King of the Isolationists

"Israel is allowed to fight, but they are only allowed to fight to a tie."

Fancy Nancy

Love and politics.

Political Palates

What does Jonah think of Vanderpump Rules?

Bad Leaders, Wrong Turns

Antisemitism is a scapegoat for societies in crisis.

Hillbillies in the Mist

"Treat rural people as people and acknowledge their complexity."

Goldfish Memories

"The abstract third party candidate is not there, there is no person who scratches all those itches."

What’s Russia Planning

Jonah vs. KGB

How Is India Doing?

"India remains, first and foremost, a very poor place."

The Mediocre Idiots of Monocausality

The problem with one thingism.

The Great Rewiring of Childhood

What's eating Gen Z?

Grandma Was Right

The new elite walk the 50s and talk the 60s.

Whigged Out

Rage against the Enlightenment.

Make More Kids

Why modern culture is stopping us from having families.

Our Ancient Faith

More lexicological exactitudes and spelunking.

War Pigs

Evil minds that plot destruction.

Destroying Hamas

There are no cracks in Israel.