Every Monday Kevin D. Williamson reports—as only he can—on American life, politics, and culture from coast to coast.

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Politics of Principle, Politics of Power

And what happens when you forgo the former for the latter.

‘Dispossessed of Their Pathetic Livelihoods’ 

On Sen. Josh Hawley’s plan to ‘save’ low-wage jobs from artificial intelligence.

‘The Chosen’ Is ‘Message’ Entertainment Done Right

Plus: The New Mexico’s governor’s shameful whiff on fighting crime.

Hunter Biden Has It Coming

On America’s gun laws, housing prices, the country between Pakistan and Bangladesh, attorneys general, Texas, and 9/11.

The No-Values Party

The modern Republican Party has no principles, but plenty of contradictions and incoherence.

The Whited Sepulcher

On the supposed heroism of Mike Pence.

The Assassins’ Creed

You can treat the internet like it’s make-believe, but there are real-world consequences.

Born Rich

It’s not just about money.

Judgment Day

Not just for Donald Trump, but for the Republican Party as a whole.

The Achilles’ Heel of the Rich and Powerful 

Donald Trump's valet problem.

I, the Jury

Why ‘credibly accused’ is usually an uncredible accusation.

A Wealth of Imbecility

The Constitution doesn't confuse imaginary and realized incomes.

Truth or Consequentialism

What exactly are Supreme Court justices asked to do?

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Has the Wrong Job

She leans into political rhetoric when the law doesn’t take her side.

Eccentricity Isn’t a Political Agenda

On Patrick Deneen and the New Right's lack of intellectual seriousness.

When Public Opinion Is Irrelevant

The Supreme Court is in the law business, not the justice business.