Every Monday Kevin D. Williamson reports—as only he can—on American life, politics, and culture from coast to coast.

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Do the Wrong Thing

The nihilism of the modern Republican Party.

Biden’s Decline Is a Legitimate News Story

Whether some in the media want it to be or not.

A Shepherd of Wolves

Our sacralizing tendency assimilates every issue into a spiritualized conflict of visions that is ultimately not about policy but about identity.

There’s a Price to Pay for Public Trust

Crimes that corrupt our institutions don’t just hurt the people who are directly involved.

The Problem With ‘Monetizing the Debt’

Just printing more money won’t solve our problems.

Autocrat-Immunity Disease

That we’re having a conversation about presidential immunity from criminal acts is insane.

What If There Is No Low-Hanging Economic Fruit? 

The myth of the president-as-rainmaker.

Pretend It’s a University

On the past and future of higher education.

At the Crossroads

As the calendar turns to 2024, which way will you go?

Where He Found Us

‘He meets us on our own terms because we cannot meet Him on His.’

We Don’t Have a Wealth Problem. We Have a Math Problem.

The U.S. has enough money to do what it wants to do. But x is always less than 1.5x.


Private security screening isn’t the problem with our airports, it’s merely a response to those problems.

George Santos, the Most Novel Con of All

The expelled congressman highlights the devolution of the Republican Party.

Calling All Roundheads

The case for congressional superiority.

On Morality and Restraint

‘Israel’s campaign isn’t a police action to arrest criminals—it is war.’

Jacobins, Y’all

A dispatch from the Texas Nationalist Movement confab in Waco.