Protecting the King 

A review of Netflix’s ‘Agent Elvis.’

Socrates and Xi Jinping Go Into a Bar

A review of ‘Plato Goes to China: The Greek Classics and Chinese Nationalism.’

Willem Dafoe’s Creative Destruction

‘Inside’ is an intriguing film that lacks thematic depth.

Man Up

We’re suffering an epidemic of childishness.

When Should Children See a Nude Statue?

David, democracy, ding-a-lings.

‘He Does Everything You’re Supposed to Do’

A shining knight emerges from the Netflix golf docuseries.

Screaming for Mercy

'Scream VI' can be exhilarating, but it’s ultimately a waste of potential.

‘You’ Season 4 Review: The Horrifying Face of Self-Acceptance

The thrilling finale ushers in a new era for the series.

Hitting Rewind on ‘Woke’

This isn’t the first time a slogan became a tool for sowing cultural confusion.

Everything I Don’t Like Is ‘Woke’

What ‘wokeness’ is, and isn’t.

Manfredball and the MLB’s Crisis of Confidence

This season’s rule changes merely deflect from the game’s real problem: Hitters aren’t hitting major-league pitching.

History of the Bored, Part II

A review of ‘History of the World, Part II.’

Heaven, Earth, and Lithuania

The Paintings of M. K. Čiurlionis.

Celebrating Our Differences

And how, sometimes, rules can help protect diversity.

Bill Sammon, the Deer Hunter

How the former managing editor of Fox News kept his head while everyone else seemed to be losing theirs.

When the Truth Takes a Back Seat

Perverse incentives are warping the profession of journalism.