Every Wednesday and Friday Jonah Goldberg draws on his deep understanding of American history, culture and conservatism to analyze politics and policy.

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Ukraine’s Moral Reality

Wanting to help the country fend off Russian aggression isn’t pie-eyed idealism.

How Boredom Kills

There’s a reason most revolutionaries come from fairly comfortable backgrounds.

Nations, Nation-States, and Nationalism

On Ukraine and the treason of the nationalists.

The ‘Greatness’ Gimmick

Rankings and honors are just popularity contests.

Truth in Labeling

‘Right’ and ‘left’ might always be changing, but that just means we need more labels, not fewer.

‘Groundhog Day,’ a Parable

Every generation is a Phil Connors, tasked with figuring out the right way to live.

Look What You Made Me Do

On being compelled to write about Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and ‘psy ops.’

The Caver in Chief

Donald Trump is much better at talking hardball than at playing it.

The Price of Admission to the GOP

Donald Trump wants one thing: blind loyalty.

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Trump is only telling voters what they want to hear.

The Unpopular Vote

How the 2024 election could end up looking a lot like 2016.

It’s Nietzsche’s World, You’re Just Living In It

Even if you don’t realize it.

Never Go ‘Full Hitler’

The left’s long history of calling Republicans ‘fascist’ has only sown distrust.

A Random Walk Through My Mind

Freud, the narcissism of small differences, and antisemitism.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

Defenses of Claudine Gay are just more proof that sometimes you should let the ‘other side’ have the win.

New Year’s Kiss-Off

Count me out of the countdown to 2024.