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Hallucinators and Grifters

Donald Trump is not the cure for what ails us.

Hitting Rewind on ‘Woke’

This isn’t the first time a slogan became a tool for sowing cultural confusion.

The Mind’s Lies

Does Joe Biden really believe the stories he tells about his past?

Trump’s Twisted Nationalism

To the former president, making America great again is about nothing more than making himself the most important person in the world.

Being Is Not a Substitute for Doing

A plague of demosclerosis.

Getting Away With Murder, Sort Of

The dangerous marriage of elitism and populism.

Social Justification

Catchy phrases enable political decisions that don't actually have any merit.

Rogan’s Jews

What the shock jock doesn’t get about antisemitic conspiracies.

Falling in Line, Not in Love

How outraged right-wingers actually boost support for Biden.

What’s So Wrong With Helping?

How a cult of victimhood tries to stamp out good deeds.

The Race to Racism

If you start with the conclusion you can talk yourself into anything.

Threat Level Midnight Forever

The Doomsday Clock is a P.R. stunt, not science.

Reading, Writing, and … Black Queer Studies?

The debate over AP African American Studies ignores that schools are struggling to make students proficient in math, science, and reading.

A Pox Upon Portland

Progressivism is killing the city.

One, Maybe Two, Cheers for Partisanship

Democracy doesn’t work at scale unless you add a competitive element.

The Hypocritic Oath

The guiding principles of our Whataboutist Era.