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Be Careful What You Covet

The wrong desires can drive you to ignore good advice and your own conscience.

McCarthy’s Misery

To prevail as speaker, he’ll have to appeal to the suddenly reasonable House Freedom Caucus.

In Praise of Competence

The midterms showed that relatively normal Republicans are a better bet than novice Trumpy minions.

Donald Trump Built This

He was the prime mover of the GOP’s faceplant.

Democracy Is Not on the Ballot

Don’t despair for democracy, fight for it.

Grading Morality on a Curve

When political violence happens, our outrage should not be dependent upon which side of the aisle the victim sits.

That’s No Icon, That’s My Mom

Remembering Lucianne Goldberg.

Hold Your Horses

A defense of preserving the status quo.

Hypocrisy and the Real World

There is a bargain implicit in a free and decent society.

Statesmanship and the Ship of State

Why you can’t run the government like a business.

Of Memory Holes and Memory Buriers

No one has a monopoly on America’s sins.

Country for Old Men

Are we really thinking of replaying the 2020 election in two years?

Slouching Towards the Old World

The ‘new’ conservatism isn’t new, it’s just not very American.

Convenient Truths

If you want to be a champion of the truth, you can’t be selective about it.

The Life of Facts

We’re never more than one generation away from sweeping change.

When You Find the Bad Guy in the Mirror

It’s not necessarily all that brave to call out the other team.