Boiling Frogs

Every weekday Nick Catoggio, formerly Allahpundit, offers a running commentary on how populism is changing the world—and America’s most popular political parties.


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Nationalism and Patriotism

Thoughts on America’s bipartisan malaise.

Kamikaze Chris

Would a Christie candidacy be good or bad for Trump?

You Say You Want a Revolution

The Republican primary features two models of disruption.

When Should Children See a Nude Statue?

David, democracy, ding-a-lings.

Operation Chaos 2.0

Democrats should help stop Trump in next year’s Republican primaries.

What If DeSantis Collapses?

Be afraid.

Meddling Toward Justice

The House GOP shouldn’t interfere in Alvin Bragg’s folly.

The Silver Lining of a Dubious Trump Prosecution

Clarity, at a price.

Whipping Boy

Is Ron DeSantis suffering for Donald Trump’s foreign policy sins?

Stop the Squeal, Revisited

Republicans might finally be losing interest in election denialism.

Everything I Don’t Like Is ‘Woke’

What ‘wokeness’ is, and isn’t.

The Schism Is Here

Republicans are fracturing over Ukraine.

The Politics of the SVB Bailout

Fear and loathing, but mostly fear.

A Pyrrhic Prosecution

Bad vibes about New York’s looming Trump indictment.

The Right to Choose

Is it wrong for governors to penalize corporations for their political choices?

Choose Your Own Adventure

Fox, January 6, and the unknowable truth.