Boiling Frogs

Every weekday evening, Nick Catoggio, formerly Allahpundit, offers a running commentary on how populism is changing the world—and America’s two major political parties.

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Taking the W

Israel shouldn’t retaliate against Iran—yet.

The ‘Vibes’ Factor

What voters know, and what they assume.

Holy War

Why some nationalists are treating foreign policy as a Christian litmus test.

The Two MAGAs

Mike Johnson versus Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Liar’s Poker

Did Trump’s abortion statement change anything?

Souljah Boy

Is Trump’s abortion punt a “Sister Souljah moment”?

A Spoiler Spoiled

Why did No Labels fail?

Leading From Behind

At the top, support for Israel falters.

Third Time’s the Charm

Trump 2028?


Why hasn’t Biden reached out to Never Trumpers?

The ‘Broken Clock’ Problem

Why was a federal judge complaining about Trump on CNN?

Independence Day

Should Lisa Murkowski leave the GOP?

The True Faith

Bible-thumping for fun and profit, but mostly profit.

A Tale of Two Polling Trends

Reasons to believe—and to doubt.

The Pro-Coup Perspective

NBC News shouldn’t have hired Ronna McDaniel.

The Abortion Squeeze

How the Supreme Court could damage the Republican campaign.