Boiling Frogs

Every weekday Nick Catoggio, formerly Allahpundit, offers a running commentary on how populism is changing the world—and America’s most popular political parties.

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The Spoiler

Would an RFK independent run really hurt Trump more than Biden?

Kevin’s Best Friend

Having Matt Gaetz as a foil isn’t the worst thing.

The ‘Draft Youngkin’ Conspiracy

When the truth hurts too much.

The Potemkin Debate

Will it be the last?

The Politics of Bob

How much credit do Democrats deserve for turning against Menendez?

The Consolidation Debate

The end for DeSantis, the beginning for Haley?

Uncomfortably Numb

Trump’s getting worse. Not enough people care.

Speaker Gaetz

Maybe not the worst outcome.

Cutting Bait on DeSantis

Is it time?

Against Slobs

Craving decorum in an unserious age.

The ‘Mean to Mitt’ Theory

Enough already.

The End of the Pro-Life Movement

As we know it, anyway.

No Exit

The Democrats’ Kamala Harris problem.

The Party’s Over

Farewell to Mitt Romney and the right as we knew it.

Gone Fishing

Will the House GOP’s impeachment effort backfire?

‘Life’ and Death

Did Dobbs backfire?