The Dispatch Podcast

How to Read Politics and Politicians

What did The 1619 Project get wrong?

No True Conviction on Abortion

Has Western media fallen?

Debating the Israel-Hamas War

"The aim is to make Gaza unlivable."

Biden’s Losing the Vibe War

Will American politics stay weird?

Gaza Changed Urban Warfare

There's no bloodless war.

About That NBC News Drama …

Featuring Steve with the Big Feelings.

The Blindspots of Partisan Media

How should Trump be covered?

The Double-Hater Voter

It's all about the margins, baby.

Should the U.S. Defend Taiwan?

Arguing for a Trump-Reagan policy fusion.

Welcoming the Stranger

"You can't live faith in the abstract."

That’s What Xi Said

Friends don't let friends have partisan brains.

Democracy and Freedom

The mood in Israel and the pressure it faces.

Waiting for the NASCAR Crash

Old man yells at Congress.

Should the RNC Pay Trump’s Legal Bills?

Plus: An RNC purge?

Nat Cons and Gen Z

Tucker Carlson, John Bolton, Josh Hawley, and Peter Thiel walk into a bar.

Nikki Haley’s Super Tuesday Countdown

Taking down The Don.