The Dispatch Podcast

Is It Too Late for Two States?

Debating the reality of a ceasefire.

Working in Congress Sucks

How to fix everything with one neat trick.

The Christie Doctrine

“I have a policy of not answering this in every interview.”

When Journalists Go Along with Hamas

Israel is patient zero.

A Party in Trump’s Image

Remaking the GOP.

Trump’s Retribution

Trump/Carlson 2024?

Oh No

A Loose Change vibe to the TikTok trends.

Civil War in Trumpworld

The rebirth of Trump's 2024 campaign.

Out of Islamism, Into Nationalism

From Riyadh to Dubai.

Live from New York: Steve and Jonah Drink and React

At least we're not Vivek.

Israel’s Ghost Towns

A first-hand account of Israel today.

Trump Davidians

"I've watched people eat soup and be more exciting than Mike Pence."

So, About International Law

'The ICC is a fairly farcical organization.'

Trump Rising

Thanks LeVar Burton.

The Old Rules Don’t Apply: Israel at War

What comes next?

McKay Coppins on Mitt Romney

Running toward crises