The Dispatch Podcast

The DeSantis Dilemma

The Ron & Don show is officially on.

All Bow to the God of Conventional Wisdom

"Both parties suck and that's my position."

The Secret Mass Killer

How to prevent the next tragedy.

Bibi’s Back, Baby

Fifth time's the charm.

Your Midterms Questions, Answered

Emperor Palpatine moves to the Ramada.

Rise of the Vote Bots

"Oh, Kevin. You find new and interesting ways to make me sad."

The ‘Most Moderate’ Republican in the Race

Can Republicans be fiscally responsible again?

A Time and a Place for Pettiness

Mr. Williamson joined the room.

Not at Dartmouth Anymore

“If you stare at '2 + 2 = a duck' and you say ‘oh I get it,’ that’s a problem for you.”

Sen. Bill Cassidy on OPEC

With OPEC+ committed to gutting production, Americans are bracing for a gas price hike. This ...

Between Politics and Morality

Sparing an hour between driving his “friends” to and from the airport, Declan joins Sarah, ...

Back to Fundamentals

Axios Senior Political Correspondent Josh Kraushaar joins Sarah to explain what happens when the Democrats’ ...

Who Blew Up Nord Stream?

As the editors of The Morning Dispatch eloquently put it, Nord Stream went boom. But ...

The Future of the Electoral Count Act

Understanding The Electoral Count Act, as it’s currently worded, requires a team of legal experts. ...

Putin Makes Nuclear Threats

What happens when Vladimir Putin starts feeling cornered? Sarah, David, Steve, and Jonah react to ...

Lindsey Graham’s New-Old Abortion Ban

At long last in the same room, Sarah, Steve, David, and Jonah debate whether the ...