The Dispatch Podcast

Pence-ian Posture

Join Stirewalt’s Shrimp Cocktail Crawl!

Explainer: Turkey Today

Turkey's nationalist rule continues.

Explainer: Do Other Candidates Have A Chance?

A voter's carnival.

Debt Deal Denouement

No way to run a railroad.

Debt Ceiling Countdown: An Explainer

Here we go...again?

Faking Empathy

The announcement heard round the Twitterverse.

The Durham Split Screen

AI will fill this for us.

Entitlement Reform With Sen. Cassidy

Trump and Biden “demagoguing” the issue.

Trump on Their Minds

Is Trump inevitable?

Fake Town Halls (w/ Chris Christie)

Another proto-candidate.

Crime and Drones

Recalibrating crime coverage.

White Flags and Olive Branches

Kevin's playing with live ammunition.

Bad Week for NatCons

Sarah was not harmed in the making of this podcast.

Proto-Candidate Pence

Pence pushes back on “Zombie Reaganism”

Fox News Will Not Change

Lobsters for the Brisket.

4Chan Putin Stan?

When gamer bros cause a national security crisis.