Every Wednesday, Scott Lincicome deciphers and explains how otherwise incomprehensible economic policies affect everyday Americans.

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Cheer Up, Millennials

It’s time we retired the millennial misery myth.

Getting the ‘China Shock’ Right

The political narrative has eclipsed the actual economics, and that’s a policy problem today.

California’s New ‘Fast Food’ Wage Law Will Probably End Badly. We Just Don’t Know How.

Recent calamities in Seattle, Minneapolis, and D.C. provide some clues.

YIMBYs Are Winning Local Housing Battles, but Can They Win the National Housing War?

Building more housing—even luxury housing—lowers prices for everyone.

What Should America Do About Chinese Overcapacity?

The answer might surprise you.

I Make Great Hot Sauce. State Regulations Ensure You’ll Never Taste It.

‘Cottage food’ restrictions mean less choice and less entrepreneurship for no good reason.

Trivial Pursuits

Do we need ‘consumer protection’ policies on burger prices and bags of potato chips?

Remote Work Is Here to Stay, Mostly for the Better

It’s great for working parents, people with disabilities, and anyone who likes more flexibility at work.

Unfrozen Caveman Tucker

Simple folk wisdom can be persuasive, even when pushed by an obvious phony.

Aluminum Tariff Follies

The sordid reality of modern U.S. trade policy.

Collateral Damage in the War on ‘Gig Work’

A new Department of Labor rule regarding independent contractors is likely to hurt overall employment.

Blame Bad Law for Biden’s Bad LNG Pause

A notoriously vague delegation of congressional authority lets the president play politics with global energy security.

Industrial Policy’s Corruption Problem Is Hiding in Plane Sight

Boeing’s troubles reveal another risk of government support for ‘national champions’

On ‘Making Things’

Promoting manufacturing isn’t as simple (or desirable) as it might sound.

Some of My Big 2024 Questions

Will we avoid a recession? Will China’s recovery continue to fizzle? Is this the year for AI? And more.

Japanic! at the Steelco

U.S. Steel gives American protectionists just what they wanted … good and hard.