Every Wednesday Scott Lincicome deciphers and explains how otherwise incomprehensible economic policies affect everyday Americans.

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The Farm Bill Is a Case Study in What’s Wrong With Washington

Just because legislation is bipartisan doesn’t make it good.

What Skeptics Get Wrong About ‘Globalization’

Spoiler: almost everything.

Trump’s Global Tariff Idea Is Obviously Terrible. Biden Helped Make It Possible.

The president has fought to maintain his predecessor’s policies.

The Chains That Bind Us

A new paper shows that big retailers and restaurants boost interactions between rich and poor Americans.

In Minneapolis’ Housing Market, Economic Reality Is Revealed (Again)

Good ol’ supply and demand still apply.

Everything You Think You Know About ‘Offshoring’ Is (Probably) Wrong

It can boost American capacity, jobs, and—most importantly—innovation.

Merger Madness

New guidelines from the Justice Department and FTC seek to revive discredited legal doctrines.

Natcons, Freecons, and the Centrality of the State

Dueling manifestos present two very different visions for America—and its government.

A(nother) Case Study of Terrible U.S. Tariff Policy

New trade remedies would hurt steelworkers and American consumers.

‘The Bear’ Is a Tribute to Dynamism—and What Blocks It

The regulatory nightmare of opening a restaurant.

What Most People Don’t Understand About U.S.-China ‘Decoupling’

Especially the folks most aggressively urging it.

America Has a Legal Immigration Problem

And it helps fuel illegal immigration.

Enough Already With the Toddler Economics

A good outcome doesn’t mean good economics, regardless of what you call it.

La Sombrita and America’s Pervasive Band-Aid Problem

How an L.A. bus stop program reflects cross-country policy dysfunctions.

Three Big Strikes Against ‘Greedflation’

Rising profits and inflation aren’t a corporate conspiracy.

The Worst Possible Reason to Support New AI Regulation

Be wary of big businesses asking to be reined in.